The Basics of Spill Kits for Your Workplace Safety

A lot of businesses today are dealing with liquids such as oils and chemicals in their day-to-day workings. When a workplace handles these liquids in abundance there is a risk of a spill occurring. These spills can then lead to risks to workers, facilities or the environment, if not properly cleaned and managed. This is where spill kits come in. Spill kits are a one-stop solution for all spills that may occur in a workplace. 

Companies like Spill Station Australia are the leading distributor of fully compliant spill kits to businesses all over Australia and can even teach you from scratch about what spill kits are needed and where.

 In the meantime, here are the basic fundamentals of spill kits. 

What Exactly Is a Spill Kit? 

A functional workplace that stores chemicals, fuels, oils, or other aggressive and non-aggressive liquids in its facilities need spill kits. If you have the right spill kit, you can deal with an accidental spill in the safest way possible.

Because less time is wasted on ineffective, improvised spill clean-ups when you use the appropriate clean-up equipment, you are able to reduce damage to your employees, your property, the environment, and the productivity of your business. 

In addition to safety, having spill kits on hand will help you comply with business law. If you operate in Australia, there are fines associated if anything is done incorrectly. 

Although procuring appropriate spill kits may appear to be time-consuming, having them readily available and ready for any eventuality pays off both morally and financially.

Is There a Risk of Hazardous Spills At Your Workplace? 

Spills are a matter of when, not if, especially if your workplace is handling a hazardous substance.  Some common industries that use spill kits are fuel-handling spaces, workshops, medical laboratories and the like.

But how do you know if you really need a spill kit? The quick answer is a risk assessment. Whether done by professionals, like the ones at Spill Station, or yourself, this is an assessment where you look at the quantities of liquids you have, if they require a spill kit and where the spill kit has to be placed. This is done according to Australian standards, and although it seems very complicated, it’s an important way to mitigate risk. 

Failure to correctly undertake risk assessments and deploy safety procedures is something that can result in hefty fines and litigation if not careful. 

Maintaining the Spill Kit

The maintenance of your spill kits depends on whether they are used and sealed or unopened and unused.

Inspections of sealed kits are unnecessary. All you have to do is make sure you have enough spill kits and they’re in the right locations and be aware if anything expires and needs to be replaced. If a spill kit is used however, the used aspects, or the spill kit as a whole may need to be replaced immediately. This is why most businesses carry an excess of spill kits.

The only other thing to do is train staff, and you’re ready to go! 

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