The Benefits of Wearing Your Best Professional Outfit at Work

It has been said that it is not right to judge people based on their appearances. But evidently, most people tend to appreciate well dressed and styled individuals than those who are not. The outer appearance mostly influences people to have either a good and positive or negative perspective towards others without saying a word.

For this reason, it is evident how clothes could create an impact on the people around you. It is what creates the first statements even before you try to speak or make a move. It could have the power to make or break you. So, if you want to excel in your job, you might as well focus on your wardrobe too.

Dress smart. You can invest in some designer womens workwear if you want or settle for those affordable ones. The choice is yours.

What to Wear to Look Best at Your Work

There are many clothes, pants, and shoe styles to choose from, but what specifically are the best ones for work? If your company has dress codes to follow, choosing the ones that would suit you would not be a problem. But if there is none, that is where the complexity would butt in.

There are four types of attire under corporate dress codes. These include business professional, business formal, casual, and business casual.

A skirt suit or a nicely-cut pantsuit in neutral colours of navy, brown, or black matched with a white polo blouse with a collar are best to use when it comes to business formal. For the shoes and accessories, closed-toe heels in neutral colours and conservative ones are preferred.

For business professional attire, a skirt or suit, any solid-coloured top, and a jacket in a neutral colour are perfect. Perfect accessories and shoes to use are closed-toe pumps and hosiery in neutral colours and larger but not distracting jewellery.

Coloured blouses and shirts partnered with a jacket or a cardigan is what is best to wear for business casual attire. Khakis, slacks, stripes, and checks are also welcome. For shoes, choose the closed ones. Any colour is accepted too, but navy, red, brown, grey, and black are more advised.

More Reasons Why You Should Look Presentable at Work

Professionalism is an effective way to show your love and respect towards your company, employer, and job. And dressing appropriately, whether in a designer womens workwear or casual wear, is one of the main ways you can express that. It does not matter if there is a dress code in your job. Your dedication in following a strict dress code for yourself featuring your best daily workwear will surely get noticed in time, not just by your colleagues but by your higher-ups as well.

Moreover, clothes can also contribute to the emotions and behaviour of a person. Several studies have already backed this up. One of those is from authors Katherine Karl of the University of Southern Indiana and Joy Peluchette of Marshall University. In their study entitled “The impact of workplace attire on employee self-perceptions”, results show how greatly respondents were affected by wearing specific clothes. Wearing formal business attire makes respondents feel even more trustworthy, authoritative, and competent in their workplace.

The improvement in one’s confidence does not just positively impact the person’s emotional well-being alone. The positive change can also improve production, efficiency, and effectiveness in their work, directly improving their company’s output.

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