The Best Yaoi and Boys love (Bl) App and websites in 2020

Webtoon Manhwa is a Korean manga genre, with thousands of stories from many genres such as: romance, comedy, detective, horror … Webtoon Manhwa also helps you to have experiences.  with a completely new comic style besides Manga or Manhua.  To help you find comics easily by interest, series, by date and bookmark the chapters quickly read we list the sites below to help you.

Webtoon, Manhwa, Manga or Manhua all have their own specialties.  Japanese manga featuring yaoi manga is becoming more and more popular with young readers, especially female readers.  Yaoi has Japanese characteristics.  Webtoon Korean is also called Boys’ Love, or BL, is a type of comic with content about the love and love between men and men.  There are many places to read Bl and yaoi, but besides yaoi manga or bl manga, bl webtoon, you can add Bl anime content below where you can find rich bl or yaoi content and stay up to date.  most often!

  1. Free Manga has a ton of manga and doujinshi that you won’t find elsewhere.  You can read free manga online with 50,000 titles: yaoi, bl, Webtoon, Manhua, there are many other genres such as Shonen, shojo, seinen, hentai manga, bara, shota …

  1. has an abundance of free manga and manhwa.  You can easily find stories by your interests with the site’s category filter.  However, the number of yaoi manga and doujinshi will not be as much as freemanga or Manytoon Comics.

  1. is the “paradise” for fans of yaoi manga, yaoi hentai, boys love bl and doujinshi.  Doujinshi, yaoi are updated very often and besides the stories, this site also has a lot of yaoi movies for you to change genre.

  1. Free Comic online is a great place for you to find content by fandom you like.  You can watch pictures, read manga and comics related to yaoi, BL, hentai manhwa, hentai manga, hentai comics, comics superhero.  The community on free comic online is very active and you will quickly find many people who share your interests.  The FCO has both a web version and a mobile app.


If is great webtoon works, often posts Webtoon Manhwa’s pictures and videos.  You can get awesome yaoi, bl, manhwa or manhua content quickly by tag search.  On there are many works by freelance artists and yaoi, boys love Bl artists.

  1. Read Free Comics can be considered as a huge photo archive where you can find all kinds of yaoi, bl, free manga, fan art, doujinshi here.  You can download pictures and share them.  RFC is an unlimited photo gallery that helps you store photos online without having to download them to your device.  The RFC website also has an app version on both iOS and Android.

Besides, there are also some other yaoi websites typical such as:

1 – Webtoon Line

2 – Lezhin Comics

3 – Toomics

4 –

6 –

7 –

8 –

9 –

10 –

11- Manytoon Comics





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