The Dress Code 101 For The Super Fly – Adidas running shoes for men

Dress Code

The Introduction

Footwear is known to make or break your overall look. They may have served a functional purpose before, but nowadays it is also a fashion accessory.

When it comes to functionality, nothing beats a pair of Adidas running shoes. It ticks in all areas – comfort, protection, and style.

Are you thinking that you can use a pair of running shoes to amp up the style quotient?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Now, if you’re wondering how you can do that? Well, that’s what we help you with.

The ultimate guide to help you use a pair of Adidas running shoes to work as a styling component.

Ripped Jeans

So, the best way to go for a super casual fly look, pair your Adidas with the faded or navy ripped jeans. You can top that with a plain t-shirt and a leather jacket or a plaid shirt.

This look goes best with a low top pair of running shoes, preferably black and white. Also, known as the Adidas original superstars.

Slick Formal Look

Take the very same pair of sneakers and pair it with a dark-shaded single-breasted jacket and formal cropped trousers. It takes the uber classy looks and gives it a trendy yet laid back twist. 

Remember don’t try to mix this look with unshaven state of affairs. That’ll only spell disaster. No, this style makes a statement, if you’re impeccably groomed.

Bold Trainers

To use a bold-colored trainer, you just have to keep in mind one simple rule – let the shoe be the show stopper. Do not go for big logos, too much color, over-sized soles.

Then you can team your bold trainers with an understated, dark suit. And, what you’ll have is a dapper look for yourself. 


Yes, you don’t think of style when you talk of jogger pants. But, it a possibility to achieve a smart-casual look, with the perfect pairing.

And, in this scenario, it’s all about going for the right fit. Make sure that your t-shirt isn’t too tight or loose, rather complements your body. Similarly, your joggers pants cannot be too tight on the crotch, or too loose around the back.

If you’ve managed to do this right, all that you need now is to don a pair of neutral-colored pair of Adidas running shoes.

You can even take it up a notch by putting on a patterned shirt and rolling up the sleeves to the third-quarter. Viola! 


Nothing compliments a pair of sexy sneakers like a denim jacket. But, don’t worry if you don’t have this staple wear in your wardrobe. 

Go for simpler tees and then go for bolder prints in your sweaters or even brighter colors for your blazer. And, with a subtle colored pair of running shoes, you are fit to go for a casual meet-up with friends.

The Conclusion

The point that we’re trying to make here is that you can’t go wrong with Adidas running shoes men. They have an amazing range of products that suit different personalities, adding chic to the wardrobe.

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