The Impact of Color Psychology on Web Design

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Getting a website developed for your business is not as easy as it sounds. Some people believe that you simply have to use a WordPress theme, toggle some settings, add some data and voila! You are good to go. To burst their bubble, it doesn’t work this way. Surely, you will have a website up and running but it will be far from a professional one.

As a website serves as an online identity of your business, it should reflect its standard of services. If it doesn’t have an appealing look, it wouldn’t leave the best impression on viewers. So, it is important to pay attention to each and every aspect of web design. And among these factors, the selection of colors holds the maximum importance. Again, not many people pay attention to this, but color psychology is real.

Scientifically proven researches show that colors can impact one’s mood, behavior, and perception. So, it makes complete sense as to why you need to choose the right colors for your web design to have a positive impact on visitors’ behavior and mood. If you are confused in selecting the right colors for your website, it’s recommended to take the help of a professional web design company in New York.

Continue reading to know more about changes different colors can bring to your web design


White, the color of peace and justice, is used by many websites that aim to follow a simplistic theme. This color is mostly suitable for news websites. Some e-commerce websites also select white to ensure the prominence of the products they offer.

If you are opting for the white color, bear in mind that it reflects lights. Thus, it can strain the user’s eyes. This is one of the major reasons why most desktop and mobile apps are now selecting darker colors in the name of “dark modes” so that users can easily navigate them during the night time.


The color red attracts a lot of attention. This is the reason why sales signs everywhere have this color in them. It is stimulating color; thus, evokes a feeling of urgency in the user’s mind. As emotions such as jealousy and violence are also associated with red color, it is advised to not paint your entire website with this shade. Choose a lighter, or a rather soft, shade along with red to create a balanced image.


In traditional times, black was associated with grievance and death. However, it is now used to add an element of elegance, class, and glamour. Generally, products or services that offer a luxury experience are often advertised with a black background.

Another reason why many websites use black color is the sharp contrast it creates to other elements of the page. Also, it can be seamlessly combined with other colors to have an exceptional web design.


Like red, yellow, too, calls for attention, albeit in a different way. It drifts more towards fun and excitement, and a cheerful zone. This is the major reason why it is a top priority for many websites that aim to paint a vibrant picture. Having said that, too much yellow can sometimes prove to be overwhelming. So, choose a lighter shade for a better impact.


If you want to leave a calming and soothing impact on your website’s visitors, blue is the color you need to go with. There’s not one but many reasons top websites such as Twitter and Facebook have their themes centered around this color.

Be mindful that there are different shades of blue and not every shade will go with the design of your website. Therefore, choose the shade carefully. Also, you can pair it with another color to create an even more powerful impact.


The color green is known to have a relaxing impact. This is why it is often called the easiest color on the eyes. It projects freshness and liveliness. However, some shades of green may not suit a web design. Thus, select the shade after thorough consideration and deliberation.

It is important to know that the products and/or services you offer also matter the most when selecting the color. Also, you can choose colors of your logo to create a sense of uniformity. For more information, select the best web design services in New York by Map-It Inc and leave the rest to the professionals.


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