The millennials’ guide to PGs in Indore

The millennials’ guide to PGs in Indore

Indore, the largest city in Madhya Pradesh needs no introduction. A city that prides itself on cleanliness, bagging the cleanest city in the county tag fourth year in a row, is also an established junction of commerce and education in central India, drawing in economic migrants from surrounding areas. With acclaimed institutes like the IIT and IIM running campuses in the city, and the presence of multiple organisations like TCS and Infosys, it is safe to presume that the city has a significant millennial population. There is also a considerable number of co-living accommodations in the city catering to the ever growing number of youngsters.  Like all campus towns, Indore has its own traditions and customs and if you are one of those millennials about to spend some time living in a PG in Indore, here’s a useful guide for you.

Plan and Prioritize

New surroundings, new faces, new things can make you quite excited and nervous about the changes in life, but you can’t be overwhelmed by new prospects or the new city. Living in a PG can be one of the most memorable chapters in your life if you make the right choices about everything – from the place you choose to lodge in, to how you balance responsibility with new-found freedom. Hostel veterans understand the importance of satisfying your living needs without compromising on your financial independence. That means from factoring in the right accommodation – choosing a managed space that provides an all-inclusive deal to wisely managing discretionary spends without having to compromise on lifestyle choices – everything takes careful prioritizing. Managed co-living space providers like Stanza Living offer immaculate housekeeping and dining services along with amenities like Wi-Fi, power backup, air-conditioning and others.

Be open to experiences

We know you enjoy your quiet corners and your privacy at the end of a hard working day. But being open and flexible to new experiences can only make your life richer. Hostels can be spaces where on the one hand you can stake claim to your own quiet nook and at other times, capitalize on the intricate social network every PG or hostel worth its salt has to offer. These can be a lesson in navigating people networks, balancing obligation with opportunity, recreation with responsibility.


Now that we have established the ground rules, it is time for some fun. A PG or a hostel is an uninhibited, vibrant space where youngsters like yourself live and interact with each other. This creates a ripe atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and cultural nuances while forming strong bonds since you are co-living with a number of young individuals, each full of enthusiasm and hope for the future. As you socialize with the people living beside you, explore the spotless alleys and historical forts of Indore and indulge in the gastronomical delight that is the world famous street food of the city. Exploring new places, ideas and experiences is what hostel life is all about and Indore has everything a young student or working professional would want to explore.

Every business establishment attracts a particular kind of clientele and the same is true for PGs and hostels in Indore. Professionally supervised service providers like Stanza Living offer an extensive list of amenities and services including but not limited to professional housekeeping staff, laundry, cleaning and exclusive menus along with big spacious rooms for your privacy and interactive zones for recreational and group activities. In essence, these establishments create a very different living space that stimulates intellectual and emotional growth; a home away from home, at the cost of sounding clichéd. The best part about these accommodations is that they are more affordable than most apartments in opulent areas of town. The locality, pricing and amenities on their own are reason enough to pick a professionally managed accommodation over conventional ones but the exposure and experiential benefits far outweigh the monetary ones. The experience of Stanza Living cannot be measured in terms of money.

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