The Minimalist Narrative: 5 Emporio Armani Watches For That Subtle Look

Armani Watches

Emporio Armani is a branch of the Armani group that focuses on watches made to complement fashion preferences. With that ideology, Giorgio Armani himself is said to have directly influenced some of the collection’s designs. That’s not hard to believe, as their wristwatches are some of the most irresistible pieces of accessories that anyone can wear.


Modern trends have shifted towards a more minimal aesthetic. And as we end the year, holidays are coming up, and pulling off a clean and sleek attire is eye-candy for onlookers. The wristwatch plays a significant role in completing an outfit and choosing the right one that gives a subtle yet elegant look can speak magnitudes about how every little detail matters to the wearer.


Floral Motif Quartz White Dial

Our first entry is the Floral Motif in Quartz White, an impeccably simple yet classy ladies watch. The stainless steel strap pairs perfectly with the rose gold case and white dial, making it look chic and stylish while being viable for any occasion. The quaint flowers etched into the dial make it excellent wear for younger women.  An Emporio Armani watch has never looked this good before.


Sporting a dainty diameter of 32mm, and with that small form factor, it’s made to be worn without anything else on your hands to show off its beauty. The Floral Motif Quartz White also has a water-resistance of up to 50 meters, making it relatively safe to bring to pool parties but not so much in open waters.


Retro Stainless Steel

The Retro Stainless Steel is probably one of if not the most minimalist watch on this list. The rose gold case pairs well with a pure white dial, and the numerals are thin and elegantly matched with the color of the case. At only 32mm, this is perfect for women of all ages wanting a sophisticated yet straightforward fashion watch that can be worn day or night.


Giovanni Chronograph Quartz White Dial

The Giovanni Chronograph stuns the crowd with its Quartz white dial, and with its 44mm diameter case, any gentleman wearing this will indeed have the envy of everyone in the group. The strap is adorned in a two-tone, silver, and luminous rose gold finish, which makes it very minimal, screaming with tiny details.


The triple chronograph layout also gives it a beautiful contrast with the numerals with indexes. Silver and rose gold has always been a great combination, but this timepiece certainly elevates that divine partnership to the next level in proper Emporio Armani fashion.


Aviator Quartz Grey and Silver Dial

Don’t be fooled by the name of this wristwatch! Even though it’s labeled as a Grey and Silver dial, the finish is more of a light bronze to silver color. An undeniably, beautiful combination of a smokey dial and bronze-tone case makes this a complicated watch to pair with clothes. Still, if pulled off correctly, any gentlemen wearing it will be the talk of the crowd.


The strap is stainless steel holding the 43mm diameter case that houses the intricate numerals and indexes. The dual chronograph layout inside is also concave that gives the face of the watch more depth and contrast with the rest of its elements. Anyone looking to upgrade their watch game to the next level needs to look at this gem.


Armani Quartz White Pave Dial Two-tone

Sophisticated, classy, elegant, and affordable as far as fashion watch shopping goes, this timepiece will enamor any woman from all age groups. The Armani Quartz White Pave Dial-in two-tone has a design that you would expect from a luxury watch, but Emporio Armani begs to differ with their unparalleled creativity.


The watch is 32mm in diameter with a stainless steel case, all dressed in a lovely two-tone silver and rose gold. Indeed a dress watch because of its entirety, the modern and esteemed lady of society will admire it for a long time because of its timeless beauty and elegance.



Many companies can do it all, but Emporio Armani seems to be changing that paradigm with their beautiful fashion watches. People don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve a minimalist and subtle look. It just takes a careful eye for detail and a focused mind to find that perfect watch that will match your preferences.

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