The Other Benefits of Restaurant Scheduling Software

Savvy restaurant owners know there’s a lot more to creating an excellent restaurant than serving great food. A restaurant is not just a business; it’s a gathering place for people to share a tasty meal in each other’s company.

Restaurants can be stressful, demanding places to work. Scheduling software shaves off up to 80% of the time it takes to produce a schedule that meets everyone’s needs, but keep reading to learn the other 5 benefits of restaurant scheduling software that may not be immediately apparent.

Better Communication

Restaurant scheduling software lets employees and managers effortlessly keep in touch. If a manager needs to find a replacement for a shift on short notice, they can message the relevant group of employees. Whoever is free to take the shift can tell the group, and just like that, the problem is solved before it has time to escalate. Your employees will love this feature, especially during the Christmas break!

Employees will receive an alert when there’s a message, so they’re kept in the loop. However, they won’t be troubled unnecessarily— it’s easy to configure groups so that they won’t receive messages meant for other employees.

Data at Your Fingertips

Restaurant scheduling software produces micro and macro data about every facet of your restaurant. Managers and executives can measure every penny and get a bird’s-eye view of how every individual location is faring. 

Track vital stats like labor costs, total sales, and even the weather, a crucial stat for seasonal restaurants. Make smarter labor-related business decisions with precise data in real-time.

Sophisticated Time Clock

It used to be employees punched “in” or “out” at work. Now, you can make custom settings for your restaurant’s time clock so employees can indicate they’re going for “lunch” or a “coffee break.”

This modern time clock prevents early check-ins, so managers know their employees are sticking to the agreed-upon schedule. If an employee forgets to sign out at the end of a shift, the time clock will do so for them after a certain amount of time.

It’s also easy to export hours, which simplifies the payroll process and reduces the chance for human error. 

Manager Log Books

Restaurant scheduling software keeps one central customizable logbook to store all notes, files, important shift details, and other follow-up tasks. Stay organized and enjoy constant access, even on the go.

Know everything that’s going on in your business in less time, from customer complaints to maintenance requests.

Easy Integration

The best restaurant scheduling employee software is compatible with all the major POS systems, so the technology you rely on can talk to each other. The POS equipment effortlessly synchronizes with the restaurant scheduling software, so it’s easy to track every penny of sales.

Efficiently running a restaurant has never mattered more than now when so many businesses are going under. Technology that produces better schedules in less time while also saving labor costs is an essential tool. If you consider these five other benefits, there’s no reason not to buy employee scheduling software today.

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