The Role Of Cartridges For Rock Breaking And Concrete Demolition

The non-explosive agent for rock breaking is gaining popularity for all the right reasons. Understandably, any project involving rock breaking or concrete smashing accompanies hazards. In many situations, the need of the hour requires, performing such operations close to sensitive locations. 

Chances are, the site is near a populated area, or there are schools and hospitals close by. Thus, the use of present-day rock breaking instruments like cartridges reduces the hazards significantly. Furthermore, using these cartridges for rock breaking, construction proves cost-efficient for the construction industries.  You can check out to know more about the usefulness of the rock breaking cartridges for any type of excavation projects.

The advantages of using cartridges for rock breaking

The most significant advantage of using these agents is they do not require evacuating the entire site before commencing the rock breaking operations. By resorting to localized clearing is enough for the achieving the purpose Therefore, it saves a lot of precious time for the construction company, and they can focus on the rock breaking work, and the project can wind up quickly. 

Thus, the challenges of performing such hazardous tasks in densely populated areas are no longer a problem. Another advantage of these cartridges is they do not need any expensive initiation systems or the use of special tools. Ultimately, they prove to be very cost-efficient for the construction industry. 

These non-detonating agents are considered very safe for handling. Furthermore, it does not pose any risk when you store them at a safe location. These agents tend to produce deficient air blast pressure levels, and also do not provide loud noise compared to the conventional blasting technologies. Ground vibrations owing to blasting are a common problem in populated areas. With these cartridges, the ground vibrations are non-existent. Similarly, there is no threat of toxic gas emission and the difficulties of fly rocks. 

The workability of the rock breaking cartridges

Though these cartridges are classified in the non-detonator group, the workability is somewhat different. It involves the deflagration procedure. While detonation and deflagration are both combustion processes, the latter is a controlled way to release energy. Generally, the associated problems like shockwaves are part and parcel of any forms of work that involve detonation. However, the deflagration procedure is devoid of this problem, and thus, it is highly regarded as a potent method for rock breaking. 

The procedure for using the cartridges as you can expect is entirely different from that of the conventional explosives. You have to insert the cartridge on pre-drilled holes on the surface of the rock and connect it with a wire. Now, it is time to initiate the cartridge. Eventually, it generates pressure and breaks the rock down. 

In the present day, you can find these rock breaking cartridges in a wide array of sizes. Thus, you can use them to fulfill various rock breaking jobs, regardless of their nature and magnitude. Undoubtedly, the rock breaking cartridges are a welcome introduction for the construction industry and it promises to get better in the days to come. 

Reasons that make cartridges safe

It is the composition of the cartridges that makes it so effective and yet safe for usage. A typical rock breaking cartridge is made up of tubes, lead wires, electric fuse head, top end cap, propellant oxidizer mixture, and bottom end cap. Operating it should be a walk in the park for anyone. Unlike other rock breaking methods that require formal training, cartridges are much easier to use. Usually, these cartridges come with a user manual, and by reading it, you can use it to perfection. 

Looking at the composition of these cartridges makes it clear, that they are not going to pose a risk for the person operating it. Typically, it is made up of lead wires, tubes, electric fuse head, top end cap, propellant oxidizer mixture, and bottom end cap. It is not necessary for the person dealing with the cartridges to undergo any formal training. Reading the manual should be enough to operate them without any problems.

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