The SAT examination and SAT coaching

sat exam dates 2020 India

SAT means Standard Aptitude Test and is conducted for the undergraduate students who want to study further in top universities of the world. Sat is a standardized examination that evaluates the writing, reading, and mathematical skills of the students. The students should appear for 4 sections namely language, reading, and writing. For mathematics exam, they should not use a calculator. The students should appear for the SAT exam to prove their proficiency in any subject and to secure admission in any top colleges or universities. So, they should score higher marks to secure admissions in any top colleges. So, they should join sat coaching classes. The sat exam dates 2020 India are October 3 this year. So, as the exams are shortly approaching, the students should be prepared for the exams.

SAT exam

The students should appear for three sections namely reading, mathematics and writing and reading test.

In the mathematics test, they should attempt 58 questions and solve the paper in 80 minutes. They should solve different problems of application-based trigonometry and linear equations. In the reading test, they should solve 52 questions. The students should complete the section in 65 minutes. The students should present multiple meaning words, reading comprehension and complex structure vocabularies. After completing the section, they should appear for the language and writing test. The students should attempt an essay in 50 minutes to prove their critical thinking skills.

So, to prepare for the SAT exams, the students should undergo training.

Classroom training

They can undergo classroom training and attend sessions for 60 hours. They students can interact with the mentors and appear for unlimited doubt-clearing sessions. They can prepare study materials developed by experts. The students can attend 66-hour sessions and study topic-wise. The mentor usually conducts 5 verbal sectional tests for the students. The instructor conducts topic-wise testing for the mathematics concepts. So, they can build stamina and concentration among students.

Live classes

The students can also join live classes to effectively interact with the faculties. They can discuss problems with their mentors or students.  Hence, the students can prepare for the unlimited doubt-clearing sessions. The students can build accuracy and speed by practicing additional exercises. The mathematics subject is studied step-by-step so the students can easily understand the methods. They can also attend full-length tests and confidently solve questions. The students can also join unlimited doubt-clearing sessions and prepare study plan. They also conduct one-to-one discussions with the faculties.


Private tutoring classes

The students can join the private tutoring classes and the concepts in-depth. The students can personally interact with the mentor and hence prepare a detailed study plan. The mentors conduct sessions according to the convenience of the students.

The students can also join private tutoring classes and attend sectional tests to improve their stamina, speed and accuracy. The students can attend 17 full-length tests and the mentors also provide them more than 3000 practice questions to inculcate confidence. The mentors also perform performance analysis of the mock tests and hence they can optimize the study hours also.

So, the students can be greatly benefitted from training. The next sat exam dates 2020 India is in December and the students should be prepared for the test.

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