The Saturday Lotto: History and Workings

Tatts Lotto

Are you from Australia? If yes, you must know that the Odds of winning a Saturday or Tatts Lotto is a good 1 in 8,145,060, and yet the people of Australia continue to purchase those tickets as if their lives depend on it. And it is, after all, a prize ranging between $300k and a million dollars.

But what is the history of this infamous lottery, and how does one win it? Read on to find out.

What Are the Tatts or Saturday Lotto?

Tatts Lotto is a weekly lottery game in Australia that is played on Saturday nights. It is known as “Gold Lotto” in Queensland and Saturday Lotto in South Australia,  New South Wales, Western Australia. Also, it was Australia’s first European-style “lotto” lottery.

Saturday Lotto features a weekly prize pool of $5 million, plus regular $20 million Superdraw jackpots and unique events such as Megadraw and Million-Yeah Saturday.

History of the Saturday Lotto

The game is a Tatts Group product that has been branded under the master brand “The Lott” since 1 June 2016. And on 22 June 1972, Melbourne television station HSV7 broadcast its first draw. It was modelled after European lotteries and was initially launched in Victoria in 1972 before spreading to all Australian states by 2013.

How Does the Lotto Work?

Two supplementary numbers and six winning numbers are picked from a 45-number barrel. And to play one game, the player selects six numbers ranging from 1 to 45.

Players can select to play games in lots of 12, 18, 24, 36 games, etc. And they can pick their numbers for each game or let the computer pick numbers at random, known as a Quick Pick entry.

Winnings are determined in six divisions, with division 1 (six accurate numbers) paying between one and twenty million dollars, but some New Year’s Megadraws can pay up to thirty million dollars.

Purchasing Standard Tickets

The simplest method to play Saturday Lotto is with a Standard ticket. Each line on the ticket consists of six numbers representing one game and one chance to win a prize. As such, the QuickPick option allows an individual to choose game numbers either manually or automatically.

The minimum ticket quantity one can purchase is four-game lines. And a participant’s six needed numbers will be between 1 and 45.

Additional Information

Draw Closing: Saturdays at 7:25 p.m. AEST or 8:25 p.m. AEDT, Saturday Lotto entries close.

Time of Draw: Every Saturday at 8:30 p.m. AEST, the Saturday Lotto is selected (9:30 p.m. AEDT).

How to Watch: One can find the most recent Saturday Lotto results online.

How to Check Results: Every Saturday, at approximately 8:30 p.m. AEST or 9:30 p.m. AEDT, Saturday Lotto is broadcast on Channel 7 or 7TWO and affiliated regional stations. The draw is also live-streamed on the 7plus website.

With such a rich history and even more money to back it up, the Saturday or Tatts Lotto is a phenomenon across Australia, with thousands of viewers tuning in every week to see if they have won. Otherwise, to share in the celebration of another. And, in addition to its standard method of winning, there are several other ways the lottery has listed on its website. So, take a look at it on your next purchase of a ticket.

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