The Stand: How Stephen King’s Apocalyptic Flu Compares to Coronavirus


With the Coronavirus outbreak continuing to escalate, quite a few are evaluating the illness to Stephen King’s apocalyptic superflu from The Stand.

With the Coronavirus outbreak continuing to escalate, quite a few are comparing the ailment to Stephen King’s apocalyptic superflu from The Stand. Though there have been lots of will work of fiction revolving all-around a virus that wipes out a great deal of humanity, The Stand is arguably the finest of the whole lot. It is really also arguably King’s best and most epic do the job as a author, with the novel clocking it at well in excess of 1000 pages. The Stand was also tailored into a quite excellent 1994 Tv set miniseries for the ABC community.
Unsurprisingly, stories about rapidly-spreading plagues are on the minds of several ideal now, many thanks to the toll that Coronavirus has taken on people’s life in The united states and numerous other countries close to the earth. Regular lifetime has been widely disrupted, with the selection of confirmed instances of infection steadily soaring, and governments deciding upon to choose drastic measures to try and consist of the spread. This has provided going as considerably as locking down full populations, demanding that everybody stay at household for now.

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That mentioned, there’s been no reason supplied to consider that the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, will be the stop of humanity. Mankind has survived pandemics right before, and will likely do so this time. For the characters in The Stand, Captain Outings really was the end of the earth, and they failed to feel great.
The Stand: How Stephen King’s Superflu Compares to Coronavirus

The good thing is for humanity in authentic life, the Coronavirus isn’t really practically as lethal as The Stand’s apocalyptic superflu. Captain Visits is particularly hazardous, and regrettably, it really is that way on objective. The virus was developed as a bio-weapon by the U.S. government, and when it is really unintentionally established unfastened on the population, Captain Journeys does its meant job nicely. Sporting a communicability level of 99.4 %, creating it incredibly effortless to unfold, after Captain Excursions infects somebody, a unpleasant loss of life is 100 p.c specified. The virus initially offers by itself as a common chilly, with the very same signs, but as it progresses, the effects get worse and even worse, rendering the contaminated bedridden and delirious. A very small percentage of the human populace is the natural way immune to Captain Outings, but no vaccine is equipped to be created before the plague decimates most of the environment. So basically, if a person just isn’t immune, their likelihood of survival are nil.
By distinction, Coronavirus is significantly, significantly a lot less of a death sentence for individuals that contract it. It is really certainly a menace, and really should be taken very seriously, but around 80 p.c of these contaminated only encounter gentle chilly or flu-like signs, or none at all, despite the fact that the virus is nonetheless extremely contagious, and can still be transmitted by all those exhibiting no indications. The other 20 per cent of circumstances commonly entail hospitalization, but only a compact variety of those people – 1 to 3 p.c, relying on the supply – outcome in loss of life. All those most probable to die of Coronavirus are the elderly and individuals with preexisting autoimmune conditions, though that is by no means a assurance that someone considerably younger and much healthier will not die if they get the disorder. At the end of the working day though, these frequently comparing The Stand’s Captain Trips to Coronavirus as of late are way off foundation, as Stephen King himself has pointed out.
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