A Perfect Guide to Help You Choose the Best Tablet for You

People often get confused while choosing a tablet to buy? The market is full tablets from different brands, with different qualities and features. Want to stream movies on a bigger screen? Want a multipurpose device that you can use as a laptop in the day and a multimedia hub at night? Want a good tablet with a stylus for your beautiful illustrations or you just want a tablet for your kids to enjoy what its like to have a smart device, we have got you all covered. Our perfect guide will help you choose the best tablet for your needs.

Below starts our guide on how to choose a tablet so keep on reading!

Step 1: Decide What You Need a Tablet For?

One can buy a tablet for a number of reasons. Once you decide you want to buy a tablet, you have to set a budget, you have to set your preferences that what you need from the tablet you are going to buy. Whether you want it for making illustration or for entertainment purposes, whether you want a tablet to use it as a laptop too for productivity or just a device for kids to use. All these factors should be looked upon when deciding to buy a tablet. A brainstorming session helps you get in the mindset of what you are looking for.

Step 2: Which Operating System to Go for?

There are two major operating software Android and iOS that have not only dominated the smartphone market but are also majorly available on tablets. Windows OS is also offering some decent option to choose from. Amazon has its own FireOS that is heavily skinned version of Android which limits the use of google service, however their offerings are much affordable and of good quality. Let’s discuss what are the major differences in all these operating systems:


First up is Android. It is developed by Google and is quite a customizable and easy to use software. With its clean yet innovative UI users can make the OS completely their own by tweaking every single bit to their own liking. There are more than 2 million+ application available on Android which can be accessed through Play Store, however a number of apps are still not configured to support a tablet’s large screen. Google also offers a handful of Google services like Google Assistant, Gmail, Drive (Cloud Storage), Google Maps fully configured with Navigation, Google Photos, YouTube, Duo and other services. Anyone who has ever used an Android smartphone can easily get comfortable with using an Android tablet. Android also gives its users the option to have multiple user logins, which can be quite useful when you are planning to buy a family tablet. Android tablet range from as low as 50$ to 1000$. Right now, according to CNN Samsung is the top provider of Android tablets other than Amazon, Lenovo and a few other companies.


Apple developed operating system iOS is what is running in iPads. iOS has always provided a minimalistic yet uniform experience for its users, there is not much customization that can be done by the user. iOS is properly customized for iPads so they can properly function and take full advantage of their big screens. You can use it in multi-window opening two or more apps in a single time. iOS is only available on iPads making a premium experience with the best set of hardware present too. There are more than 1 million applications available on the official Apple app store. With the latest iPad offerings, you can also buy a keyboard separately to use the tablets as a laptop too.


Windows tablets that are being offered now are running Windows 10. Obviously with Windows you will be getting a tablet that can also run like a normal laptop and can function just as good as a laptop. With top-tier hardware and optimized experience for the users you can enjoy a tablet running Windows OS. However, it is not as much as optimized as Android or iOS, but the level of productivity you will be getting with is of much higher level than you can get from any other OS. Windows also offers multi user support and a nice friendly user interface that one can enjoy while browsing through movies or writing an essay.

Amazon FireOS

This OS is available of Amazon’s exclusive Fire Tablets. FireOS is based on Android but is highly skinned to give it its own appearance, also FireOS does not have Play Store or any other Google Services, it provides its own Amazon App Store from where users can download different apps to use. Fire tablets are generally affordable tablets with some good hardware that is available on more expensive tablets making it the best option for people who are looking for an affordable tablet. There is not a great collection application available on the Amazon App Store but a number of major applications like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, games from Gameloft are available making the experience overall good. With buying a Fire Tablet you also get access to Amazon Primes and its other services that include on demand music and movies too.

Step 3: What Features You Want in Your Tablet?

Now it is time to choose the specification you want in your laptop like what sort of screen, processor, ram and storage etc. let’s dive into a little detail over these specifications:

Screen Size and Resolution

Tablets are devices that used to start from 7 inches screen size, but as times have progressed 7 inches has become more of a smartphone standard and 9-10 inches has become a standard for smaller tablets. You can go a big as 12-13 inches sized tablets, the call is yours there is wide variety of tablet sizes to choose from. Resolution is also major factor, you should generally go for a 1080p resolution on the minimum, 720p is way too low of a resolution for a tablet. There are tablets present such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and iPad Pro that provide resolution more than 1440p that is QHD+! But you have to pay the price for the resolution too, if you’re on a budget then go for an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet!

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Processor is responsible for the performance of the device of how the application are being managed by the hardware. If you want top class performance go for a flagship tablet like iPads or Samsung S series tablets because they come with Apple A series chips and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800+ series processors that are flagship processors and work greatly and efficiently. But if you are not big on processors than any tablet will work great for you.

Storage and RAM

Storage should be more than 64 GBs as tablets usually get used to download movies, music, TV shows and games that can fill up the storage space quickly. Recommended storage size is 256 GB but 64 GB model can work for a lot of people too if you heavily rely on streaming only. RAM is also crucial as it make sure your system works smoothly and open apps in a snap. We will recommend to have at least 4-6 GBs of RAM or more, but if you are on a budget you have to compromise on a 2 or 3 GB RAM.


Make sure while buying a tablet that it has a good camera on the front display because tablets often get used to make video calls, and a good quality camera will provide a good video playback. In higher end tablets manufacturers are giving flagship level cameras on the rear that can take very high-quality photos.

Wi-Fi Only or Cellular Based

While buying a tablet decide whether you are going to run this tablet on Wi-Fi or you will need 3G or 4G connectivity for your tablet to access the internet. Cellular based tablets are usually a bit expensive than Wi-Fi only ones. But the money you pay will get you fast internet features like 4G connectivity. 


Recent tablets are coming with good battery time of as much as 10 hours plus screen on time which generally a day’s use. Fast charging is also being provided in a number of tablets making it easier to rapidly juice up your device and enjoying it again. Make sure your tablet has more than 6000 mAh of battery power because this package will keep you satisfied in a long run.


Often high-end tablets come with a dedicated stylus that can be used to draw, write and perform other tasks on the screen, so make sure if you are paying a good amount it comes with a stylus. If you buy a budget tablet you can buy a stylus separately. Attachable keyboards are also a popular accessory to buy with tablets as they give you an option to utilize your tablet as a laptop too.


With your preferences sorted out, the device you chose and bought is perfect for you. Now use it and have fun with it! 

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