The Ticket to your perfect sunglass purchase

Sunglasses are no longer considered only to be a fashion statement. They have become very essential as they protect our eyes from the direct UV rays of the sun which are harmful for our eyes. While purchasing a sunglass, you should always be careful of which sunglass type to buy. While most sunglasses may appear to be stylish but are unflattering when put on. The correct sunglasses can enhance your look and make you look more stylish. Selecting the right sunglass that fits in your face perfectly might turn out to be a difficult task. Below are 8 different ways that will help you selecting the perfect sunglass that suits your style. However, if you are planning to buy online, do not forget to search for Lensfit coupon codes for amazing deals.

  1. Block 100% UV rays: Whatever sunglasses you buy, make sure that it has that tag which shows that the sunglass blocks 100% UV light. This should be the first factor to consider while buying a sunglass.
  2. Maximum Coverage: Try to find sunglasses that give your eye that maximum level of coverage. This prevents UV light to enter the eyes from the sides.
  3. Face Shape: Coming to the style, choosing the right sunglass based on the face shape is not very easy. Ideally, the shape of the sunglass should be the exact opposite of your face shape. The following points aim to suggest suitable shapes of sunglasses based on the face shape.
  • Round Face: Go with cat’s eye or butterfly glasses. You can also go with square, pointed and rectangular glasses.
  • Square Face: Go with large glasses where the width of the frame matches the width of your face. Frameless or cat’s eye glasses also look cool.
  • Rectangle Face: Go with large and round framed glasses. For example, Aviators which large frames.
  • Oval Face: Go with butterfly glasses or aviators.
  1. Lifestyle: If you are looking for a single option to work for both normal glasses as well as sunglasses, go for photo chromatic glasses. Choose the glasses that match your lifestyle.
  • Fashion Savvy: Go with modern and geometric designs with large metal frames.
  • Students: Go with eye catching colours and colour laminations. Be expressive!
  • Business: Go with classical shapes with traditional colours like brown or black. Avoid eye catching bright colours.
  1. Complement your attire: Try to wear sunglasses based on your attire. A single sunglass doesn’t go well with each and every dress. So select your glasses based on what you wear.
  • If you love to wear simple coloured patterns or neutral coloured palettes, go with an aviator frame.
  • If denims and bright colours suit your style, go with cat’s eye glasses.
  • If you love to wear simple stripes, white and blue being your common palette, try a wayfarer frame.
  • If you love to wear the latest stripes and prints or rather a mixture of them, go with a tortoise frame.
  • If you are a fan of feminine patterns, exaggerated silhouettes, go with a round frame.

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  1. Choosing the right lens: There are a variety of lenses with each solving different purposes. You must know the different types of lenses and choose them as per your need.
  • Photo chromic: These change colours based on the UV light and hence are apt for multi-purpose usage.
  • Amber-coloured: These block blue light and are ideal for fishing or hunting.
  • Mirror-coated / polarized: These reduce the light that reaches your eye making it good for bright situations.
  • Gradient lenses: These are great for driving.
  1. Choosing the right frame: Choosing the right frame is very difficult because you need to consider a whole lot of factors. While choosing the perfect frame, make the decision considering your face shape, your lifestyle as well as your attire. Consider buying many pairs so that it could enhance your style when you wear them with different attires.
  2. Don’t judge sunglasses based on the cost: There are two things. First, while looking for eye protection factors do not compromise on the cost. Second, a highly expensive sunglass doesn’t mean it is perfect for you. So make your choice wisely considering your requirements only.

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