The Top 10 VPN Services

top 10 VPN Services

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More and more internet users are turning to VPN services to keep them secure and anonymous online. It can seem like Virtual Private Networks are purely a service through which to access streaming services from other parts of the world. But there’s so much more to VPNs, from protecting your data on public Wi-Fi networks to accessing home and business networks while on the road.

There is a myriad of reasons to have a VPN on your chosen devices, and here are the best free and paid-for options currently available.

#10 – CyberGhost

Ordinarily CyberGhost is a fantastic VPN solution, however some users in the US have reported an inability to connect to Netflix lately – a bit of a deal-breaker for many. That’s a shame, because when they’re on their game CyberGhost offer super-quick download speeds for a cost-effective $85 per three-year cycle.

#9 – Windscribe

When it comes to pure service offering, Windscribe is right up there with the best VPNs on account of its free 10GB per month for those seeking a fee-less solution. However, marks are lost for their logging procedure. While they maintain it retains no identifying data, this will still be enough to put off many users.

#8 – AnchorFree Hotspot Shield

AnchorFree is a US-focused VPN platform, with their servers in North America providing rapid download speeds. Note, however, that the free version limits you to 500MB per day, which won’t be enough for ‘heavy’ web users.

#7 – Kaspersky Secure Connection

The VPN offering from web security experts Kaspersky is, unsurprisingly, highly secure and transparent. There are no limits imposed upon free users either, although it should be noted that you can’t choose your end server – this is allocated automatically.

#6 – Proton VPN

For users determined to enjoy the best free VPN service, ProtonVPN may just take the prize. There are no restrictions placed upon browsers. That’s limited to just one device per account, but will still suit many.

#5 – Bullguard

The Bullguard VPN offering is built using the NordVPN service, of which you will find out more later in this guide. But in short, that means you can enjoy an independently-audited no-logging policy, although Bullguard’s infrastructure is their own.

One of the main advantages of Bullguard is its speed, with users reporting rapid connections to Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms. That makes it is a particular favorite of gamers too, whether taking on foes in Fortnite or playing the latest slots and casino games. Generally speaking, the better the casino site the quicker that the likes of roulette and blackjack will stream – especially when playing live dealer titles. Consulting the expert reviews will help you see which casinos will work the best with Bullguard.

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#4 – Private Internet Access

If you intend to spend time in Europe, Private Internet Access is one of the best solutions for users on that particular continent. In the UK, in particular, download speeds are right up there with the very best, although in the US these can be as slow as 26.64 Mbit/s. No logs are kept and at around $40 per year, Private Internet Access is an affordable platform for all.

#3 – Tunnelbear

If you are looking for a VPN with a workable free service, Tunnelbear is amongst the best around. They will let you have between 500MB and 1GB per month without charge, and beyond that their fees are pretty reasonable too. With strong security and a user-friendly interface, Tunnelbear is the choice of professionals – casual web users and streamers should note that download and streaming speeds can leave little to be desired.

#2 – NordVPN

It’s strange that a VPN provider that has suffered a major international data breach could rank so high. But it’s how NordVPN reacted to the 2018 incident that is key – they brought their security specs up to the most advanced standard available. This platform specializes in web anonymity, and their no-logging policy has been confirmed by Pricewaterhouse Coopers AG, which gives users complete peace of mind.

NordVPN is one of the most expensive private networks out there, although a long-term package – roughly $120 for three years – works out much more affordable. With US data connections at around 83.5 Mbit/s, NordVPN is one of the fastest, most secure and trusted solutions available.

#1 – ExpressVPN

The number one slot should go to the best ‘all-round’ VPN, and for that ExpressVPN ticks all of the boxes. Featuring an independently-audited no-logging policy, ExpressVPN also incorporates a variety of advanced security and connectivity protocols to help you stay safe when browsing.

The real key here is the speed at which the VPN runs, which allows for quicker downloads and seamless streaming. The major bugbear for web-users is a lack of speed, but ExpressVPN is up to the mark with some of the most rapid streaming of Netflix in the US and beyond. While not the cheapest, ExpressVPN is available for around $90 per year – not bad when you consider the number of benefits it brings.

For anyone seeking a quick, secure and anonymous web browsing solution, any of these VPN platforms are up to the task.

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