These are some of the items you can and can’t freeze – from cheese to milk and veg


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Your freezer can be an outstanding way of storing leftovers and basic elements in order to make them last more time.

Even though the govt has encouraged that there is no need to stockpile during the coronavirus disaster, some buyers are having difficulty acquiring what they have to have at the grocery store.

As these types of, freezing foodstuff can be a great way to make guaranteed what you do have lasts a minimal longer in situation of temporarily empty supermarket cabinets.

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When some foodstuff can be frozen safely and securely, some others really should be retained very well absent from the freezer – and you should really comply with selected procedures to avoid foodstuff poisoning.

Here’s what you need to know about freezing food items.

Frozen berries can be a excellent way to make smoothies. (Picture: Shutterstock)

What meals and consume objects can you freeze?

Several simple elements – as very well as food leftovers – can be frozen. The system of carrying out so makes it possible for them to previous more time and avoids foods squander.

In spite of what several assume, freezing doesn’t essentially destroy vitamins and minerals either – and is a excellent way to shop foods without the need of using chemical preservatives. Dr Joanna McMillan instructed Australia’s Nowadays display:

“Freezing is a actually wonderful way of preserving our food items due to the fact you do not have to use chemical preservatives,” Dr McMillan said.

“It’s essentially one particular of the oldest signifies of preserving meals […] I feel we beneath-utilise the freezer in today’s age where we think everything that is new is greater for us and it’s really not the truth of the matter.”

Leftovers that freeze nicely consist of pasta bakes, soups, stews, casseroles and lasagne.

Meat can also be frozen – but make absolutely sure to look at expiry dates. (Picture: Shutterstock)

Foods that you can freeze

Bread, either as a total loaf, slices or in breadcrumbs Grated cheeseCooked pasta (some propose marginally less than-cooked pasta is finest to steer clear of soggy texture when defrosting)NutsFlour (and you can use this specifically from the freezer)ButterGrated cheesePeeled bananas HerbsStockEggs, if cracked into containers Meat, uncooked or cookedWine Bananas Berries Soup, casserole and most other cooked leftovers – but double verify online if you are uncertain Milk – though as it will grow, you mustn’t keep it in a glass bottle. The texture and flavor might also be somewhat afflicted on defrosting

Whilst you can freeze most food items good, there are some foods which drop texture from defrosting, or independent from becoming place in the freezer.

Cream-based mostly meals do not freeze perfectly. (Image: Shutterstock)

Meals that you are not able to or shouldn’t freeze

Dishes with crumb toppings (as they will go soggy)Bitter cream or any other cream-dependent productsSalad greens Raw fruits and veg (as the texture may go soggy when defrosted) Potatoes (these will also go mushy when defrosted) Cans of meals Mayo, as it will independent

How can I securely freeze foods?

Most food items can be safely and securely frozen, as extended as you comply with some basic basic safety strategies – the most critical of all being making it possible for foodstuff to interesting down adequately just before you freeze it.

It’s also important to remember that the course of action of freezing meals doesn’t eliminate all micro organism, so freezing anything correct ahead of it goes off isn’t automatically the finest notion. You are constantly very best to freeze objects when they are fresh.

How to securely freeze goods:

Interesting down foodstuff in advance of you freeze it – otherwise the heat could induce other meals in the freezer to start off defrostingThe additional entire your freezer is, the much more affordable it is to runYou should really only refreeze foods if you’re cooking it inbetween, e.g. if you thaw mince to make bolognese you can re-freeze it after cooking itMake absolutely sure to wrap your food items adequately or put in sealed containers Toss out everything you may well think has absent off – freezing would not kill bacteria Label your food stuff so you never overlook what it is – it’s also helpful to incorporate a day so you know when you place it inIf ice builds up, make guaranteed to defrost your freezer – the contents will commonly be good in the fridge when you do this

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