Things to Check Before Buying Skin Lightening Cream

Having dark skin complexion bothers many people across the world. Though the skin color does not express a lot about our personality, many of us want to have a bright color and healthy skin. Knowing this fact about people, many cosmetic companies have introduced skin lightening cream products in the market. These skin brighteners claim to use the beauty secrets which could help our skin glow.

There are many natural skin products in the market too. However, no matter how attractive their advertisements are, we as a consumer, have to consider a few things before buying any skin brightener. Here are those things:

  1. Creams having UV filters

One of the prime reasons behind dark skin is heavy sun exposure. Even if you are born with a dark complexion, pollution, heat, and exposure to the Sun leads to dark skin color. Hence, it is recommended to use a skin cream that contains UV filters. As we all know, having anti- Ultraviolet filters protects our skin from the unwanted rays in the atmosphere. There are two prime components of UV rays which are affecting our skin with hazardous effects: UVA and UVB.

UVA rays

UAV or ultraviolet A rays are the ones to which our skin is exposed to by around 95% as they account for around 95% of UV rays that reach the earth’s surface. UVA rays can cause skin cancer, early skin aging, and even wrinkling. UVA rays are so strong that they have the potential to penetrate glass.

UVB rays

That is ultraviolet B rays are the ones causing skin reddening and skin rashes. Though these rays are not as strong as UVA rays, they can cause tanning.

  1. Vitamins for whitening

What keeps our skin, health, hair, and our whole physical existence strong and saves us from unwanted radical attacks and diseases are Vitamins. So, we need to make sure that the skin brightener that we are buying has a few vital vitamins like vitamins A, E, C, B3, & Niacin. These vitamins have the qualities which can help in keeping your skin fresh and bright

Vitamin A: It contains retinol and beta carotenes (which is an antioxidant) that protects skin from free radical changes.

Vitamin E: It is also an antioxidant and helps in keeping skin well moisturized and can play some role in reducing scars if any.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is all about the immunity of the skin. Healthy and well-immune skin can easily resolve hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

  1. Salicylic acid

It is a form of acid that can help skin recover from scars and acne. Salicylic acid has a quality to reduce sebum secretion, which can help in reducing acne. Buy a skin lightener which has Salicylic acid as it can remove dead cells from the skin.

Apart from scar and acne removal, Salicylic acid is of some help in the anti-aging process of the skin. It contains hydroquinone which is anti-sun damage.

  1. Big NO to Chemicals

Buy natural skin products. There are many products in the market which claim to be herbal but contains loads of chemicals. Read the ingredients carefully before you buy. These chemicals can cause more damage to the skin and would rather add to your problems than resolving them. Here are a couple of chemicals which, if mentioned in the ingredients of the product, you better throw it away:


Now, Mercury can make your skin look brighter and white. However, you do not want it this way! Exposing your skin to Mercury can cause irritability and tremors.

Avoid the products which contain ingredients like mercurous, calomel, or mercuric.


Exposing your skin to the pure Hydroquinone could harm your skin badly.

  1. Sebum secretion

Many products available in the market contain some active ingredients to moisturize the skin. However, if you can an oily skin or if your skin is moisturized enough, these ingredients might harm you.

Camellia oil & Tea tree oil are a couple of such ingredients.

Apart from the above-mentioned things you need to take the following precautions too:

  • The cream is not causing white cast
  • It has anti-aging properties
  • It has collagen & Pro-Retinol A
  • Contains Natural Oils &
  • Last but not least, if you have any severe skin issues, it is always recommended to consult your doctor before applying anything on your skin.

Before you buy any skin lightening cream, please make sure you have considered all the points mentioned above. Skin lightening cream is good if you know which one to use. is a reliable skincare products company; their skin lightening cream is good for your skin.

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