Things to Consider in Choosing Mobile Phone Plans

moblie phone plans

Smartphones have significantly changed the way we go about with our lives. Before, mobile phones were just portable devices that would let us receive phone calls and send out SMS messages. Nowadays, the power of the latest models of smartphones may even surpass most desktop computers being used in homes. 

 Smartphones have become an integral part of a person’s life for a lot of reasons. People can play games, access entertainment such as music and videos, transact business, control other household items, and many more using their smartphones. So, if you still belong to the rare breed of people that still have not gotten their smartphones, it is about time that you join the bandwagon. However, choosing mobile phone plans can be very challenging since there are a lot of aspects to consider. Which model of the smartphone are you going to choose? Which service provider will you subscribe to? Are you going with prepaid or postpaid plans? Here are some of the things that you have to consider in choosing mobile phone plans

 Plan Cost. One way of getting a smartphone without having to pay upfront for the cost of the unit is to subscribe to a plan. Mobile phone plans allow subscribers to choose a smartphone unit and the corresponding amount of data and free calls or texts based on a monthly subscription fee. One factor in choosing a mobile phone plan is the cost of the plan and how much you can afford to spend monthly. When choosing a plan, if you want to get the latest flagship models of iPhone or Samsung, then expect that you would pay higher monthly subscriptions. Your monthly plan cost will also depend on the amount of monthly data and allowable calls and texts that you will need. 

 Data Speed. If you cannot afford to get the plan with the latest 5G connectivity phones, at least choose a plan that offers full-speed data such as 4G speeds. The average 4G data speeds in Australia is around 33.76 Mbps. It is therefore important to test the data speeds of mobile phone plans before committing to a subscription. 

 Mobile Hotspots. Another important consideration in choosing mobile phone plans is whether it allows your mobile phone to serve as a WiFi hotspot. A hotspot is created by your mobile phone to give your other smart devices such as laptops or computers to connect to the same internet data as your mobile phone. It is recommended to choose a carrier that will include a dedicated allowance for hotspot along with their unlimited data plans. 

 International Calls. If you have an online business, you may want to choose a mobile phone plan that will allow you to call internationally. Not all carriers include international calling in their subscription plans. Most carriers will require you to pay additional for international calling features. 

 Entertainment Features Included. Most carriers will include entertainment perks such as a free subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or HBO when you choose their mobile phone plans. This feature may save you money, especially if you have intentions in subscribing to these entertainment platforms in the first place. 

 The reputation of the Carrier. The reputation of the Carrier offering mobile phone plans is also an important consideration. Choose a carrier that is known for giving extra value to their customers. If you have not had a mobile phone before, ask your friends and relatives which carriers they trust the most then consider choosing the one most mentioned.

 With the amount of competition among carriers, there is a strong chance that you will get an ideal plan that will suit your data needs and your phone preference without having to break the bank. 

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