Things You Must Watch Out for During PHP 7 Development!


Plenty of practices about how to develop your PHP 7 project to make it a success are already there. 

But what’s not there are the ones that actually work and yield the desired results!

There are certain things that must be taken care of while carrying out the development of your PHP 7 project. The best, in this case, is to look for best PHP developers for hire out there and get the task done flawlessly by them. 

However, if you wish to try your hands over the same or just gain some knowledge for intelligent interaction with the developer you’d hire, here are a few points that you must think about during your PHP 7 project development. 

Let’s take a look at them!

Use of mysql_ Function

The opportunity has at long last arrived when you won’t simply be encouraged to quit utilizing mysql_ functions. PHP 7 itself will eliminate them inside and out, which generates the need for you to move to the better mysqli_ functions.

Unnecessary Codes

The speed increase in PHP 7 happens to shroud a portion of your issues. However, you must avoid yourself from being just happy with your site’s speed essentially on the grounds of PHP 7, making it quicker. 

Efforts from your end, too, are required to keep things going seamlessly in the long run. 

It is important to load the scripts only when required, link them whenever the situation allows, compose productive database queries, utilize caching whenever feasible, and so on.

Usage of PHP Close Tags at a File’s End

In case you take a close look at certain files, you’d realize that they overlook the ending of the PHP tag when a particular file ends with the PHP code. 

The Zend Framework explicitly restricts it. 

The reason being, it isn’t needed by PHP, and by excluding it toward the end of the file, you are ensuring no addition of any whitespace.

Pass by Reference 

Passing by reference isn’t much favourable in every case. In some situations, it makes code difficult to comprehend and follow. Anticipating the outcome, too, tends to become quite harder. 

Some individuals have the opinion that it makes their code quicker, which is, however, not true. For instance, PHP created in shuffle() or sort().  

Nevertheless, in the end, the choice is solely yours based on your experience and opinion. It is better to look for PHP Coders for hire and ask for their help based on expertise in the same. 

 Performing Queries in a Loop

There is no point or much use of performing database queries in a loop. What it does is putting a superfluous strain on your system. You can accomplish a similar outcome a lot quicker, performing out of the loop. 

In a situation with such a requirement, you can comprehend it with two separate queries — loop over the array then without any need to perform queries all the while in the process.

Use of * in SQL Queries

It is better not to utilize SQL queries if they can be avoided, particularly if your database contains many columns. 

Indicate the specific columns that you require and just retrieve them only. This limits your use of resources, secures your data from potential threats, and makes things clearer. 

Additionally, know about your available functions and test for speed as well. During the calculation for averages, sums, or similar numbers, make use of SQL functions rather than the PHP functions. 

Relying on User Input

Relying on user input is not a very good idea. Ensure to always filter, sanitize, escape, check, and then utilize fallbacks. There are three issues with the user input, which include forgetting to consider every possibility, often mistaken or malicious. 

However, a proper system can provide the required protection against them. Make a point to utilize built-in functions like filter_var() in order to look for the right values and getting away and other functions while working with the database.

Being Oversmart 

Your aim must be writing elegant codes that communicate your goal properly. Don’t try to adopt shortcuts such as shortening to one letter variable or utilizing multi-level ternary logic. This would cause everyone a lot of trouble in the future. 

Ensure naming your variables in the right manner, along with documenting your code with clarity. Also, utilize the object-oriented code which is capable of documenting itself.

Reinventing the Wheel

PHP has been around for quite a while now since its inception. It is powering thousands of websites on the Internet as of now. There is a high possibility that whatever you desire to make, it has been made previously by someone else. Therefore, make sure to incline towards some alternatives such as Github, Composer, or Packagist for ideas, opinions, and information to end up with something unique and impressive. 

Utilizing Other Languages

Having an interest in PHP is better with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL. At the point when you have a very decent handle on them, you tend to give rise to many prospects and doors of opportunity to yourself. 

Make sure to gain knowledge about each one properly. 

The Bottom Line

In the end, we can say that developing your PHP project is any day better under the supervision of a professional. Things need to be monitored properly, for which you must watch out for PHP Coders for hire and seek assistance. 

Besides, if you ever experiment yourself or wish to gain just the knowledge, this write-up would be the best place. 

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