Things you should avoid always to make your hair longer

You must have read over a thousand articles heading how to grow hair faster for men on websites already? The reason is standard. Hair fall is a universal problem, and almost every one of every age group faces it. So, there is nothing wrong to read and educate yourself about self-care and hair care tips. But, there are some things that you may do without knowing that these processes are harming your hair growth. You can follow my health guide to learn about some very famous yet self-harming traits and not let your hair grow faster. Please scroll below to get the discussion.

Do not try these on your hair tips.

Here in this section, we will discuss what you must not do to prevent your hair from thinning out and losing more.

Getting layer cuts

We understand the layers and volumes, and it is fun to see. Most of the girls and some men with long hair love layers on their hair. It became a hot trend in the early two-thousands. But remember that when you cut your hair in different layers, you are cutting out the regular growth lines. So, it will take more than usual to straighten up to the length you desire. It gets tough to attain the longer distances most of the times because short strands will grow fast after the boost. But, the relatively longer strands do not get enough nutrition or care. Besides, they tend to be exposed to more rough chemicals and burns. So, by the time your short strands grow more, your longer strands will have split ends or wild looks. You will end up cutting the edges to make it look healthier or fuller. The result remains the same. Sometimes it takes years to get the equal length again. If you are into the styling and fashion industry, it is outstanding to play with your hair. If you are trying to grow your hair within months, then getting a later on hair is not the wisest decision you can make. But, taking capilia longa will help you to boost the growth.

Crafting video tips

The second enemy of your hair is the five-minute crafting videos that you may find on YouTube channels. People show various funny and easy tips to cut or colour your hair in these videos. Well, if you want to hear from the experts, here is the decision. Most of the tricks they present in these videos are incredibly harmful and not worth trying at all. Suppose you are not under any supervision of your general practitioner or dermatologist, then never think of doing these. If you do not want to lose the last strands of your hair. For example

Colouring hair with crayon

It is crazy to apply melting crayon to your hair. Colouring hair is a very professional job. It takes years of practice and deep knowledge to bleach the hair and apply colour. If the colour and mixer proportion are not correct, it may burn your hair bulbs and cause balding. Your circulation will absorb the stains. So, the parlours and hairstylists need to maintain complete sterility. Melting your kids’ crayon at home and applying directly on your hair roots is nothing but a disaster that can result in infection. It will not lead you to the fashion magazines but the emergency department of the hospital.

Ironing glitters

It is another not-to-do thing for your hairs. You find that people are ironing glitter papers in their hair with heat and hair straighteners in videos. The result looks shimmering and beautiful. But, it will end up damaging your hair.

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