Three Important Considerations When Screening Tenants

Every rental property owner wants only the best tenants to live in their properties. They want tenants who can take care of the property and treat it like it’s their own. To find these tenants, landlords must have an effective screening process. This process is a vital aspect of Thousand Oaks property management. Tenant screening is usually challenging, so property owners often hire property managers to handle this process and other aspects of property management. The following are some considerations when screening tenants:

Credit History

The credit score of a possible tenant will tell landlords about how good they are at paying bills on time. Typically, a person with a high credit score is an ideal candidate. But, there are some factors other than the credit score that will help landlords know whether a person is a good tenant or not. An applicant with a poor credit rating is often a no-no.


Possible tenants should be able to provide a list of references on their application. Such references are previous landlords, employers, colleagues, or friends. Dependable references will tell the landlord about their experiences with the applicant and help them narrow their decision down. A possible tenant may have an impressive credit rating but has a history of property damage with a previous landlord. 


The tenant screening process includes conducting an interview with every applicant. The possible tenants should be asked more personal questions about their lifestyle, so the landlord can get a feel for them and their personality. 

There are many questions a landlord can ask to know more about an applicant. For example, they want to ensure the person is employed and if they can afford to pay rent. They should ask for proof of employment by asking for a W-2 or past income statement. 

Tenant screening is usually a tedious process. That is why hiring a property management company can be beneficial to property owners. The services of this company will save landlords time, money, and stress. The best company has a tried-and-true method of screening tenants and help owners find the most qualified tenants for their property. 



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