Three Reasons to Hire a Debt Collection Attorney

As a business owner, you want to make a profit. You want to do whatever you can to avoid losing money to keep your operations afloat. If your business runs on an invoice system, there is a risk of your customers using your services but not paying the bill when it is delivered to them. Thankfully, many customers pay on time, although a few may not respond to bills, calls, or other collection attempts. This is when you may want to hire an experienced collection lawyer in New York. Your attorney will guide you through the next steps to take. The following are the best reasons to hire a collection attorney:

They are Commercial Collection Experts

Debt collection lawyers are well-versed in the laws that surround debt collection and can handle the process on your behalf. There is no need for you to train your finance department to deal with collection clients or worry about suing a client over your debt collection practices. The best collection attorney has decades of experience in commercial collections litigation. Because of this, they have honed their processes and fined tuned their approach, to offer positive results for clients.

An Attorney Commands Respect

Although you have the option to hire a collection agency, the agency doesn’t convey the formality of the situation. However, hiring a debt collection lawyer will boost the urgency and formality of the situation to your debtors, who may take notice when threatened with legal action. A good attorney can apply pressure that only a lawsuit can do. They can reach out to your debtor to negotiate a settlement, focusing on the need to obtain a quick judgment that you may not be able to avail from a collection agency.

They can Help You Through All Steps of the Collection Process

A debt attorney can help you from the initial debt collection stages right through litigation if needed. By having an attorney on your side, the entire process can be kept under one roof, ensuring nothing gets overlooked. 

When a debt attorney offers their collection services, they will start locating the debtor and their assets, get information about any real property they own, their current financial situation, other debts they may owe, and other judgments or liens placed against them. With this approach, your attorney can work on your case in a way that best suits your specific situation. They can approach the collection process from quick litigation to get a judgment or even just with the mere threat of litigation. 


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