Tiktok Alternative in India – Use Urlebird Viewer

urlebird tiktok

In India, post Tiktok ban, several new apps and websites were launched. However, none of them had old videos of Tik Tok users which they had uploaded prior ban. Therefore, to revive old videos and restore, they are looking for an alternate options. Luckily, an app called Urlebird has been pretty successful in providing them with the solution. Check more details here.

What is Urlebird?

Urlebird is an online web portal that actually fetches details and videos of a Tiktok user through their profile. Then, it embeds the video on the website or app. Users who cannot access tiktok on their phone can instead visit the Urlebird.com website and fetch their username. There, they’ll be able to view their videos.

Is Urlebird banned in India?

No, Urlebird tiktok viewer app is not banned in India. It can be opened and browsed without any problem.

How to access Urlebird app?

  • Go to your browser
  • Open urlebird.com
  • Search your tiktok username
  • use hashtags to search videos
  • Download your tiktok video from there.

Is Urlebird free?

Yes, Urlebird.com is free to use.

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