Timeless vs Trendy Tiles

The debate between choosing tiles of the more generic, buyer-pleasing variety, and letting the own personal taste of the buyer shine through, is one that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Tile updates mostly take place in the kitchen or the bathroom. These also happen to be the rooms that require the most effort as well as money and resources when it comes down to renovation. To put it simply, these spaces of the kitchens and bathrooms can make or it can break a real-estate deal. Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, that is what the experts seem to be saying. While it is very easy to repaint a living room after you have moved in, tearing down a magenta-mosaic-tile shower enclosure, on the other hand, is not so easy a task. If you would like to know more about tile installations and how they can potentially affect the resale value of your home, then read on. We will also give you helpful hints and tips for a stylish happy balance that you can achieve between timeless tiles and trendy tiles. 

Your Move-out Timeline

If you do not happen to be a house flipper then gutting a house may hardly seem like it is worth the effort. The same holds true for investing in an accent wall of art tile that is imported. If you are planning on living in a house or a period of seven years or even longer, then you can have a bit more creative freedom. If, on the other hand, you plan on living at the house for a period of less than seven years, you should really take into consideration the resale value of your home before doing any kind of renovation or remodeling. If you follow this rule of thumb, you also have an easier time in helping you make up your mind for other types of renovation decisions such as converting systems or building additions. 

Meaningful Impact

Experts who are in this line of work, emphasize the importance of kitchen and bathrooms when they are selling a home with special emphasis given on the tiling that is in the bathrooms. The fact that bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces means that you can quite easily stretch your dollars on the floor of the bathroom. If you can spring for it, then you should also update the walls of your shower and maybe even add a small backsplash behind all this vanity. Backsplashes are one of the most popular tiling options in the kitchen. The fact that backsplashes are vertical means that it is the first thing that you see. You can really make a strong impact with the use of backsplashes. 

Timeless vs Trendy

A wall of pyramid-stacked subway tiles offer a look that is classy while also providing for some creative flexibility. Many people who are not that into tiles, often go for a format that is a variant of the popular 3-by-6. A 2 by 5 or a 4 by 5 or even larger rectangular shapes are a much safer bet for most homeowners. Experts point out that oversized subway tiles are an easy choice for people who are hesitant about tiles. Experts also prefer materials which are natural. This includes travertine, granite, and tumbled stone tile as being options that have a very wide appeal among homeowners and potential homeowners. 

Different shapes and sizes of tiles put together also has a very established history in homes that are old. Penny tiles have become huge as they happen to be a throwback to centuries ago which many people find to be extremely nice. It is suggested that you use them as a trim for a look that will not go out of style and is something that potential buyers will definitely find attractive. Experts are also noticing a comeback of another tile that happens to be especially shapely. Smaller hexagonal mosaic has been a staple favorite in remodelling vintage homes. However, the larger hexagonal tiles can be made use of in older homes that require an update or it can also be installed in new homes in order to create a spin on an old classic. 

Get Creative

Always remember that there is still a lot of room for expression with even the most basic tile styles. Things that are like herringbone and chevrons are things that are considered to be very classic. In fact, you can even find them in homes that are 200 years old. The fact of the matter is that even a herringbone inset a pyramid-stacked kitchen backsplash will very often not be too much for many a picky buyer. 

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