Tips for Choosing Right Fit Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots do not come cheap. You need to spend a fair amount of money on buying a pair of cowboy boots.

Therefore, when you shop for your first pair of cowboy boots, make sure that they fit well so that the relationship stays long.

But, you need to keep in mind that finding the right fit is an art. Here are a few tips:

Enough Toe Room

Check out whether there is enough toe room. When you put on your cowboy boots, there has to be enough toe room. It will help if you have a thumbs width between the end of your boot and your toes. Some boot makers place toe caps into the cowboy boots for extra reinforcement; however, it bothers many people. And for them, larger boots are the option.

Correct Width

You need to figure out the correct width of the boots. You need to stand up with the boots put on and look straight down at your foot. Ensure the boots fit your feet with ease and do not hurt your feet. If you feel that the sides are a bit tight, go for a wider pair of cowboy boots. Make sure the boots are not too loose or tight.

Match Your Arch

Make sure that the arch of your foot fits perfectly against the boot shank. Keep in mind that the boot that fits well on someone might not fit well on you due to the difference in arch sizes among people. Also, keep in mind that if your boots do not fit while trying, they will never fit well afterward.

Temporary Heel Slippage

It will help if you do not get upset by a temporary heel slippage as a little of it is normal. Anywhere from a quarter to a half of an inch of heel slippage is fine. It results from breaking your boots, and once you are broken, heel slippage would go off.

Finding the Ball of the Foot

Make sure the ball of your foot sits comfortably on the broadest part of the boot. After putting on the cowboy boots, you should stand up and distribute your weight on each foot to examine if it is a proper fit. If the boots do not fit well, try out a different size.

The Purpose

Before you set out to buy a pair of cowboy boots, it will help if you figure out the purpose. Make sure whether you want the boots for work or casual wear.

Buying a pair of cowboy boots is not a straightforward affair. You need to do a lot of things before you eventually purchase a pair of such boots. Refer to the infographic in this post that serves as a valuable buying guide.

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