Tips for Choosing the Best Aged Care in Canberra

aged care in Canberra

The total population of Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is around 462,000, of which 50,000 Canberrans are 65 years and older. 81.2% of aged care residents were above 80 years old, and 3.0% were between 65 and 69. Most senior citizens prefer to spend a peaceful time in the aged care in Canberra. So the next generation has to help them find the most suitable aged centres where they can be comfortable. But choosing the best is always tricky, so this article will offer you some valuable tips for identifying the appropriate aged care for your parents.

Check for compliance reviews

The government has established eight quality criteria that all aged care in Canberra must adhere to. The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission keeps track of compliance. The grading system can help you determine how effectively your supplier is meeting its commitments and whether or not you should be worried. This is quite beneficial when evaluating services and creating the framework for additional queries to service providers.

Compare to filter 

When comparing long-term care choices, particularly residential long-term care options, speak with various providers. Be clear about your needs and prepare questions to ask the providers. To obtain consumer ratings, speak with their present customers and their relatives. Don’t only rely on promotional materials. 

Analyse the staffing level

When visiting an aged care facility, ask yourself if you feel at ease. Keep an eye out for indications such as how the staff interacts with the residents and whether or not the residents appear to be involved in the activity. If you’re given a staff number, double-check that it isn’t of someone from the laundry or kitchen. Collect information on staffing levels and skill sets. While access to the caregiver is crucial, the mix of caregiver skills is also necessary to address the resident’s daily demands and psychological well-being.

Also, when you make a direct visit to aged care in Canberra to 

analyse their efficiency, check the following:

Are the rooms in good condition?

Do they have any preferred visiting hours?

Is it possible for family members to remain for lunch or dinner?

Is it possible to reserve a place for celebrations?

Can the members of the family bring their pets?

Choose the suitable room

Different forms of accommodation are available at each residence. There are a variety of options available, including:

1. a shared room

2. solitary rooms

3. Suite for two people

The cost of a room varies based on its size and amenities. Choose a location that meets both your demands and your budget. Other elements to consider are the sort of furnishings and internet connectivity.

Check the food quality

The usual catering options may be seen on the sample menu. Check whether they match your dietary requirements and if each diet has several possibilities. Check out the freshly produced meals on the premises, the frequency of menu changes, and the available light meals.

Plan your budget

As the expense of caring for the elderly may be so high, it’s critical to understand the process and make the best decisions possible on the sort of housing and services required. You can get counsel from an impartial financial planner or aged care in Canberra to ensure that you have all the necessary information.


To give your parents and other elderly loved ones a peaceful and relaxing environment, you need to choose the best aged care in Canberra. Hope this article and the tips shared are of great help to you.

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