Tips For Packing And Shipping Boxes Securely

custom shipping boxes with logo

If you often make shipments, whether it is a gift or a big delivery or shipment of products outside of the country, you will be familiar with potential complications. Every time you ship to another place, you are anxious about the product inside that, worrying about the breakage. However, you don’t need to worry about your products if you pack it in safe and secure packing. You can use kraft boxes since these boxes are made up of pinewood and its pulps,, making them resistant to many ruthless climate conditions.

Use custom shipping boxes with logo of your brand to spread your brand more and more. Now let’s learn some ways or tips you can use to make tension-free shipment

Choose The Right Material 

Don’t use used boxes because the worn carton can be very dangerous for your products. That’s because when you are shipping, you are uncertain about climate the boxes will face, so the slightly used boxes can tear apart and break the goods inside. You obviously don’t want your products of great value to just break because of some Dollars. Use specially designed containers for more fragile products. For example, dishes can be sent in dish barrel boxes. Such containers are made of hard cardboard with sliding drawers and a heavy layer of cardboard on each portion to protect your product. Before shipping, wrap your products in a bubble sheet. This technique will protect your products from heavy blows. Always use packing tape to protect your products from shaking inside after a bump.

Use The Right Size Of Boxes 

Start your packing from the bottom of the container. But first, put a thick layer of cardboard or bubble sheet to protect your products from the force coming from the bottom surface. Always start by putting heavier products at the bottom, followed by lighter products to the top. Don’t select the container size too big because the shaking it will face on the way can cause breaking. Also, don’t select the size too small because your product may get too tight, and as a result, your packing can tear apart. Pack your product tightly, always put a bubble sheet or foam peanuts in the spaces between the products, and don’t forget to put padding at the top to protect it from the things that might fall on its top. Seal and label tape the lid securely and put a label on top and on all the sides of the boxes to help it get to its destination. 

Organize Your Packing 

Don’t mix rooms when shifting; fill your rooms with containers and don’t mix different products because it may cause breaking of products. Labels can help the mover to place it in the right container while shipping. Ship smartly, for the shipment of breakable products, you can use pillows, blankets, towels; not ever product needs to be gift wrapped. Search the right courier service, don’t go for the same service you used previously; search for other courier services and compare their rates. 

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