Tips to Maintain Kitchen Hygiene


When it comes to maintaining hygiene, the kitchen should be your priority. As we know that our body is what we eat so it is very essential to eat fresh and hygienic food for maintaining perfect health. Even if you have bought fruits and vegetables full of vitamins but if you fail to maintain their hygiene, they can be more harmful than beneficial. That is why we have put together some tips that would be enough to help your kitchen fresh and safe.

In earlier days, some people were not serious enough about sanitation but the spread of Coronavirus has made us superconscious about hygiene. Maintaining cleanliness will always be great even if there is no danger like coronavirus in the world. Take a look at these precious and easy tips that would help you get rid of the germs and bacteria in the kitchen. In kitchen there are numbers of appliances which need to take care and cleaned regularly. Your dishwasher cleans dirty dishes but its your responsibility to clean it regularly. Similarly we need to clean refrigerators, oven, food processors etc. 

Before you read the later sections of this article, you should wash your hands properly before touching any food material in the kitchen. This is a simple habit that can make a lot of change. And, if you don’t wash your hands regularly, all your efforts will be spoiled. 

Use separate chopping boards and keep them clean

The majority of people don’t care about it much and they use the same board for chopping meat and cutting vegetables. If you use the same cutting board, you may cut salad on the same board just after chopping the meat if you are in a hurry. And salads are meant to be consumed raw but when they are mixed with extract of raw meat, this is not healthy. Exposure of the salad to bacteria from the meat can cause several infections in the digestive system. You can avoid such mess by using separate chopping boards based on the purpose. 

These boards are the best places for bacteria and germs if you don’t clean them. Make sure that you clean the chopping boards after every use. 

Vegetables and fruits should be washed carefully

These organic materials can catch germs and bacteria very quickly if you don’t take care of it. You can ensure the hygiene of such materials by washing them off with a proper vegetable and fruit disinfectant. Even if the veggies look fresh enough, you should wash them with a disinfectant that we are talking about because most of the bacteria present on these materials are not visible to the naked eyes. Plenty of such disinfectants are available in the market. All the veggies should be cleaned before you take them to the cutting table. 

Take care of the kitchen rags

People use the kitchen rags very often in the kitchen but they forget about the rag itself. If your rag has not been washed in a while, then you will spread germs with that rather than cleaning. The use of kitchen rag is so frequent that the bacteria will very easily get transferred to the food materials. So, you can unknowingly catch infections when the kitchen rag is not clean. 

In order to avoid all such situations, you should wash every cloth that is used in the kitchen regularly. 

Keep all the other surfaces clean

There are other areas as well that need your attention. You should clean the cabinets, countertops, and other areas with disinfectant once or twice a week. Make sure that are throw away the rotten things out of the kitchen immediately. If you don’t do this immediately, your kitchen will be full of unpleasant stench that won’t fade easily. 

A refrigerator should never be a place for useless items as it can hinder air circulation in the fridge. Try to keep only those items in the fridge that needs to be kept there. 

The sink should be cleaned daily

Almost every food material is washed in the sink so the sink is more prone to bacteria than any other parts of your kitchen. Every time you go to the kitchen, you hardly miss using the sink. Over usage, the sink also develops a greasy surface that requires a bit of effort to be removed. You can avoid all of these problems by cleaning the sink once every day. This is a thing that doesn’t require much time and effort and it will help you a lot in maintaining the hygiene in your kitchen. 

Don’t let the grease or oil stain spread further

This is a very common mistake that a lot of people make in the kitchen. People clean the oily stain or greasy surface using a cloth and then, they use the same cloth to wash other surfaces. This way, the stain that was limited to one place has now spread all over your kitchen. You won’t face any trouble like this if you use absorbent clothes for this purpose instead of regular kitchen rags. 

Strict management rules for the waste

When you put the food items in the bin and leave it there for some time, it will be a place of several bacteria and germs. Bins should never be reused inside the kitchen. Whenever you put the leftover or any other thing in the bin, make sure that you change the bin at the end of the day. 

Wash the refrigerator daily

The refrigerator should be washed daily. Due to lower temperature, if something is spilled in the fridge bacteria and germs would grow very easily there. Such a mess can be avoided by cleaning the refrigerator daily. It won’t take much time if you do it daily. Kitchen paper would be a proper item to use for this purpose. 


We have provided several easy tips to keep your kitchen clean and maintain hygiene in your kitchen. Most of the people get very serious about the hygiene of their kitchen and then their seriousness starts fading day by day. You can’t have a clean and healthy kitchen for long if there is no consistency in your routine. You should make these practices a part of your daily life for the best results.

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