5 tips to start your own enterprise – Sameh Habeeb

Consultant and Journalist Sameh Habeeb suggests 5 important tips to start your project.
Do you wish to start your own enterprise? According to a recent study conducted by entrepreneur.com, it is identified that 9 out of every 10 business startups fail. However, you don’t have to fear about the idea of starting your own business.

– Have a detailed plan

Create a detailed strategy that outlines how you’ll approach the task at hand. Your strategy should explicitly outline any possibilities you’ve found, express your objective, describe your aim, create measurable targets, and provide deadlines for each milestone along the route. Remember that although having a strategy is crucial, being flexible enough to pivot when necessary is as essential.

– Try to achieve work life balance

Running a successful company requires a significant amount of time and effort. Finding a good work-life balance is important, despite the fact that it may be difficult. It’s all too easy to let work take over your life. Don’t. It may cause you to lose connection with people who are most important to you.

– Keep yourself surrounded by the right people

You’ll need to align with more than just the proper mentors and strategic partners. It’s also critical to surround oneself with a solid team. Employees that share your vision should be clever, talented, and motivated. They have the ability to not only alter but also accelerate the development of your company.

– Always stay ahead of the curve

Habeeb said, You can’t afford to remain stuck in the present and just concerned with the here and now. It’s critical to maintain one eye on the future, especially anticipated industry developments. You’re doomed to lag behind if you’re not expecting the next great thing. Successful company entrepreneurs research trends and foresee what’s around the corner. This helps them to adapt and develop quickly.

– Network

Sameh Habeeb said, “Without all of the professional networking we performed when we first began, our company would not be where it is now. Today, we continue to prioritize networking. You’ll have to generate your own word-of-mouth until your company is established. Be your own brand advocate, promoting the advantages of partnering with your company and demonstrating why customers should trust you.”

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