Title: Top HR and Payroll issues faced by businesses and employees

Running a business successfully is never a cake-walk. It takes due diligence, the right attitude, and a long-term plan to achieve true results. While business owners have their own set of challenges to overcomes, employees require constant support and motivation to keep thriving in the corporate culture. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Along with remuneration, employees also need to have a stimulating environment around them in order to feel a need to achieve and pay their dues to the organization. This is where the HR department comes into action. 

The main role of HR is to maintain the employee life cycle- recruitment, onboarding, orientation, and termination of employment. Apart from these activities, HR also manages employee benefits, employee timesheets, and most importantly, they relay important employee data to the payroll department. The payroll department takes care of compiling a list of employee salaries, benefits, compensation, and wages according to the employee timesheets. Nowadays, there are tools and software available in the market for HR and payroll management. HRIS, as it is commonly known, is a platform for HR personnel to manage employee data digitally. Payroll software is often used by businesses to digitize their payroll processes to ensure error-free and timely paychecks for all.

There are multiple issues that can arise while maintaining a workforce. Even at the employee’s end, there can be problems that need to be taken care of before it escalates into a major issue.

Let’s take a look at some issues that can be faced by both- the employees and the organization.

  1. Compliance with Federal Laws

More often than not it happens that the organization lags in following the state and national legislation. This might lead to severe repercussions as a failure in updating the federal laws might make a business non-compliant resulting in payment of heavy dues. This might affect the employees too as non-compliance can end up being worrisome for the employee’s savings and retirement benefits.

  1. Employee Benefits

Employee benefits is one of the fundamental indirect expenses provided to the employees by the organization they work for. Employee benefits include medical, retirement benefit plans, child care, transportation, paid time-off, and much more. To keep a tab of all these expenses for all the employees can become a huge burden for one single person. Any inconsistency in the payment of these benefits can cause employee dissatisfaction which is one of the prime causes of employee disloyalty. 

  1. Compensation and Reimbursements

Employees are required to take multiple trips to meet prospective clients and close business deals. These expenses are borne by the organization. Employees are required to show appropriate bills for claiming the reimbursements. Sometimes it so happens that HR or accounts department might misplace those receipts and the employee ends up receiving no compensation. This scenario causes distrust in the employee hierarchy and hence, it should be avoided. A digital HRIS and payroll software like UZIO offer complete payroll solutions so you’d never find yourself in such a situation!

  1. Employee Timesheets

Issues are never one-sided. Employees also face challenges in the organization like forgetting to punch-in their work hours, not updating unpaid leaves, unclaimed compensation- the list could be endless. Even for the HR department, it could be a challenge to daily update the employee time-sheet manually. This could very well lead to errors and such errors are reflected in payroll processing. To eliminate the cause of this avalanche effect, invest in a sophisticated payroll cum HRIS software.

  1. Security of Records

In today’s world, data is the new diamond. To keep it secure is of primary concern for both- employee and the organization. Maintaining the security of paper records is hard to achieve as chances of misplacement are rather high. To make matters even worse, confidential information about the organization’s finances can fall into wrong hands, exposing the business to major risk. To eliminate this, all the account books and employee records can be stored in a single HRIS and payroll software that has complete payroll solutions. The access to this software can be restricted to a group of members, thus making it secure.

In any business, there are bound to be challenges. It’s how you overcome them that sets you apart from the crowd. Software like UZIO can really elevate your success by digitizing all your data so you can truly live offline!


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