Top 10 Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing strategy is very essential for any kind of business to sell in a ecommerce website. This email marketing service brings you better communication with your customers and also you will find very easy to launch new products to attract the customers with amazing offers and much more deals.

What do you exactly mean by email marketing services?

It is nothing but an online platform that helps you to design and send a bulk of attractive messages to the list of subscribers. This will completely help you to communicate in a better way to keep better relationship and touch with new audience and customer. Some of the benefits of email marketing strategy.

  • It is completely cost-effective
  • It is very easy to use
  • Customers behavior can be studied clearly
  • Brand awareness program can be boosted based on the brand loyalty.

Let’s discuss some of the best email marketing tools

Constant contact services

This particular software that comes with 60 day trial free which offers you with variety of customizations and also it help you to integrate multiple options to use it simple and user-friendly.

Send in blue

It is a low budget powerful solution that comes with free plan; it is also one of the powerful email marketing solution platforms. This was mainly built for transacting the text messages through emails and through SMS campaigns.

Mail chimp

It is mainly concentrated for bloggers and smaller website business people that has attracted with lot of free offers and it is completely user friendly product.

Get response

It is one of the best online marketing platforms that has come with the best solution and has designed with attractive features and this has helped the growth of marketing platform in a crazy way.

Convert kit

It is one of the biggest automation tools that control the source of traffic in editor platform.


It is completely a new marketing platform produced for bloggers E-Commerce site owners and marketers to producer demographic core in the industry.


It is one of the easiest marketing tools to build a complete customer profile to create more targeted campaigns in marketing field.


It is a popular tool that is invented mainly for the purpose of auto responding emails. Its features are built with high quality services with the best selection of attractive templates.

Mailer lite

It is the very youngest tool in this list invented in a simplest form with attractive features. The things invented in the tool are very essential to serve the international audience with multiple languages. It is one of the very easiest and beginner tool. It is initiated to create attractive emails very quickly by attaching basic templates in flexible way.

Active campaign

It is one of the best marketing platforms that will help to achieve your goal by sending emails to get a better result. Active campaign is a logic based tool designed with full automation streamline behavior that is used for segmenting location, action, behavior and social data.

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