It is your job, as a recruiter, to bring the highest skills to your business. However, you also have to be the best one when you recruit the best of the best.

Naturally, becoming an excellent recruiter requires skill, practice, and intuition, but you can quickly adopt certain habits and traits to become a better HR professional.

Let’s look at ten of the important habits or characteristics that can make you a better executive search recruiter. 

  1. Keep it personal

If you’re interviewing candidates or pursuing passive candidates, the interactions you make will almost certainly decide if they come in for an interview or accept a job offer.

Regardless of where you are in the interview process, you want your correspondence to sound intimate and special. Mention their name, a specific conversation you had with them, or information from their cover letter or resume. Make sure the automated e-mail sequences sound genuine if you’re using them in the early stages of the recruitment funnel.

  1. Maintain a calendar

Any executive search recruiter needs to be well-organized like Alliance Recruitment Agency. When you get telephone calls, meetings, interviews, and your own daily work, you have to be up to date. It’s a must to keep a strict schedule. When you finish one, be sure to check out the task.

Checking out the checklist will allow a small amount of dopamine to be released by the brain, which motivates you to work as a recruiter Pune until the next item can also be checked.

Also, do not be afraid of just one task to block parts of your calendar. Setting specific times in your calendar to concentrate on specific tasks helps you to remain productive all day.

Experiment with various settings to find out what is best for your personality.

  1. Focus on the candidates

The candidates’ experience is one of the major factors in recruitment. While technology makes connecting with talent worldwide easily, you may fail to attract this top candidate if you do not properly consider the experience during the entire interview process.

Concentrate on what the candidate needs during the screening, interview, and final decision-making process. Please remember, the decision to work with you is as big for the candidate as it is for your company. It is particularly important to consider and optimize your candidate’s experience in the world today, where a thousand more options are just a click away. Create a community in which both can thrive.

  1. Perfect your outreach

It’s your job to be excited about your position as an executive search recruiter. You find that you are unable to attract the best talent for a position when your initial exposure is boring, steep, or rather casual.

It is important to complete your initial communication to bring both candidates and passive candidates to an interview. When you share the relevant details, talk to the right pain points and give the right insight.

Show the person that you reach was not simply part of a list to which you sent 100 emails. Customize your message and boost the message opening rate.

  1. Adopt a modern approach

Technology is increasingly gaining ground in the recruiting world and offers recruiters a big competitive advantage. The correct use of technology dramatically increases your efficiency.

If you do not adopt a modern approach to the search, screening, and tracking of candidates, they will probably go to work for other companies and brands.

Implementing AI applications and tools simplifies the process to help you more efficiently find the best applicants.

  1. Learn the ways of the business

Great executive search recruiter anticipates well before their business is needed. You must be familiar with every business unit in your company in order to know what is needed.

Keep an eye on the procedures, trends, and strategic choices that your organization makes. Talk to each employee to determine where their needs and pains are. Being curious in this way allows you to work ahead of the curve to find the right talent before your team is ready.

Keeping up with the latest developments and concentrating on the future rather than the present will help you get your company in front of the right candidates at the right time.

  1. Get social

Social connectivity is much more than a marketing medium. It’s also a fantastic way to find top talent.

Although LinkedIn can be an excellent place to advertise jobs and recruit new employees, you can learn about other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. If done correctly, these “behind the scenes” glimpses into your company will draw applicants and help you market your company effectively.

  1. Turn off notifications

Are you always distracted by the ping or sound of a notification? Most of the recruits are getting constant notifications. When candidates constantly email, call or post about their application status, everything can become difficult to get done.

Turn off your notifications to remain concentrated. Make a daily routine in which at a certain time you just check your e-mail or voicemail. This can help you to concentrate on a task by removing distractions at once.

  1. Stop screening out

Probably you think how without first screening you will find the correct candidate. Although weeding out unqualified candidates is an important step in selecting the best candidate for the role, you shouldn’t concentrate solely on this. You’re just dwelling on the negatives if you have a list of “nos” you’re searching for while talking to a potential recruit.

Instead of screening out, concentrate on the job’s specific skills and requirements. Pay attention to the advantages that each applicant can provide and add them to the qualities that your team is looking for in a new recruit. In a nutshell, concentrate on the word “yes.”

And don’t forget that someone who seems odd at first can turn out to be a valuable cultural asset to your team!

  1. Get proactive about referrals

Referrals are most common if someone is looking for new opportunities actively. These referrals might be eligible, but they aren’t always top performers. You want to take the referral business into your own hands in order to engage with more high-level candidates.

Make a deliberate effort to increase referrals of your colleagues as an efficient recruiter Pune. Activate him or her and ask him if he or she knows some great salespeople, marketers, or engineers.

Summing it up

A good recruiter will match an open role with a perfectly eligible applicant.

Great recruiters understand how to work with top talent and entice them to join the company’s vision.

How you treat your candidates, how you spend your time, and what you want to invest in determine if you go from “fine” to “great.” You will work harder to become a more effective executive search recruiter for your company if you keep these ten behaviors and characteristics in mind

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. 




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