Top 10 mobile operating systems

Mobile operating system is also called the OS which is a software platform on top of which other programs can run on mobile devices. 

Top mobile operating systems

Android OS

This is one of the best open and free software stack includes an operating system, middleware.

 Manages with the key application for using on mobile devices including smartphones.

Updates are available for the open source android mobile operating system that has been developed under the “dessert inspired with each new version arriving in alphabetical order with new enhancements and improvements. 


This is a proprietary Samsung mobile OS that first came to existence in 2010.

The Samsung wave was the first smartphone to use in this mobile OS. 

The following provides mobile features like multipoint touch, 3D graphics and of course, application download and installation. 

Black berry OS

This is a proprietary mobile operating system developed by research in motion for use. 

This platform is popular with corporate users because it offers synchronization with Microsoft exchange, lotus domino, novell GroupWise email and other business software when used the blackberry enterprise server. 

iPhone OS/IOS

The following was originally developed for use on its iPhone devices. 

Now it’s referred to as IOS and is supported on a number of apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPad2 and iPod. 

This is available only on apples own manufactured devices because the company doesn’t have a license for the third party hardware. 

This is derived from Apple’s Mac OS X operating system.

MeeGo OS

This is a joint open source mobile operating system that is the result of merging two products based on the open source technologies. 

This is a mobile OS designed to work on a number of devices including smartphones, net books, tablets, in- vehicle information systems and various devices using the Intel atom and ARMv7 architecture. 


This is a joint open source mobile operating system that originally was released in 1996 on the pilot 1000 handheld. 

The newer version has added support for expansion ports, new processors, external memory cards, improved security and support for ARM processors and smartphones.

Palm OS 5 was extended to provide support for a broad range of screen resolutions, wireless connections and enhanced a multimedia capability which is called garnet OS.

Symbian OS

This is a mobile operating system which targets mobile phones offering a higher level of integration with communication and personal information management functionality. 

This combines middleware with wireless communication through an integrated mailbox and the integration of Java and PIM functionality. 

Nokia has made the platform available under an alternative, open and direct model to work with some OEMs and small community of platform development collaborators. 


The Nokia and Maemo community has joined hands to produce the operating system for smart phone and internet tablets known as Maemo.

This has compromised its menu for which the users can go to any location. 

Windows mobile

The windows mobile is Microsoft’s mobile operating system used in smartphones and mobile devices. 

This is based on the windows CE5.2 kernel.

This announces a new smartphone platform called the windows phone 7. 

Open web OS

This is also known as the Hp WebOS developed by Palm Inc. 

After some years this became a property of HP. 

The one promotes a very high level by using it in the high end Smartphone and tablets.

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