Top 10 operating systems

The role of operating systems is to permit the users to perform basic functions in the system. The operating system manages all the software as well as the peripheral systems and hardware and evens the excesses of the central processing unit for the memory or the storage purposes .( Read also : New Kickass Torrents and 2020 best alternative Torrents List )

10 best of operating system

Microsoft windows 7

This is one of best OS from Microsoft that is easy to install, crash free, fabulous graphics support for HQ games and many more. 

Very simple to install and is better UI also provides best security and provides good themes.

Provides less virus detectors and a perfect display, maximum features and many more. 

This windows 7 disc in hand is getting ready to upgrade from windows 8 on this new machine and say upgrade to windows 7 because window 8 is a disaster with no real file management system. 


Ubuntu is a mixture of windows and Macintosh. Looks like Mac but the shortcut keys are similar to windows. 

The ubuntu is pre installed and this uses java iced tea and not the java sun 

This is really rocking and is one of the best windows users. 

This is an open source software operating system which runs from the desktop, to the cloud and to all your internet connected things. 

This is bringing the fastest way to go from development to production in IoT. 

3. Windows XP

This is the best operating system because it is the fastest one. 

The following uses prefetching to improve the startup and application launch times. This also became possible to revert the installation of the updated device driver.

The new networking features with internet connection firewall, internet connection sharing integration with UPnP, NAT traversal API’s, Quality of service features and many more. 

Data transferring is quite easy with this as well as the synchronization process. 


This is mostly called the fairy stale operating system serving with great customization options. 

This is going to have a great way into an interesting society where you have control over everything. 

It bears fun with gets that is best to use and is hence considered the best operating system. Its new OS is simple and safe in the way when it comes to virus protection and speed.

Windows 2000

This is logical in the old and is never meant to be upgraded. 

Bears solid operating system which is the building platform for the much loved windows XP. It’s indeed stable throughout. 

This is the best OS from Microsoft. 

Windows 8.1

This bears a start button back and can boost to the desktop. 

The start screen is personalized in the ways with more tile sizes, group naming and many more apps and others. 

The store bears the best of apps and best look. 

Great replacement to windows 8.

Arch Linux

This is the best of AUR provider. 

Literally the most personalized and lightweight OS. This also bears free software. 

Don’t be a looper. 

Bears quite nice and stable Linux OS like the Lego game. 

This is not unstable and complicated like any other. 

windows XP Professional

This is easy to learn and install as well as faster than any other OS.

This is the best hacker –friendly operating system and is better when it comes to windows.

This is up to date with the process and software usage any time. 

Mac OS X Leopard

This is a major leap for Apple and is great with updated sources. This is best and it’s not obsolete. 

It’s the sixth major release of the Mac OS X. 

Serves with new and improved automator with easy starting points for easy start to workflow.

Quick in creating and editing workflows with new interface improvements.

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