Top 10 quickest boxing knockouts in boxing history

boxing history

Watching boxing fight on the arena is fun, but will still it be if the fight finished in seconds? Anyway, complied by here are the top 10 quickest boxing knockouts in the history of boxing: Are you a boxing fan? Do you wish to learn how to box? Planning to start training? We hope these matches here will inspire you even more in your future boxing training. Make sure to check out Power Punch Pro for boxing training equipment you may need. It’s time to level up your game!


  1. Mike Collins versus Pat Brownson (1947)

As per Guinness World Record News, this is the fastest knockout in the history of the boxing world. Mike Collins knocked out Pat Brownson with his first punch in just 4 seconds in the Golden Gloves tournament at Minneapolis, Minnesota on Nov 04, 1947.


  1. Phil Williams versus Brandon Burke (2007)

Phil Williams floored the charging Brandon Burke with his first right-hand punch, immediately after the bell, at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium, Minnesota, USA, on June 15, 2007. As Burke was

on wobbly legs during counting, the referee ruled him out in 10 seconds.


  1. Al Couture versus Ralph Walton (1946)

Ralph Walton was floored by Al Couture in 10.5 seconds in their bout at Lewiston, Maine, USA, in September 1946. Ralph forgot to wear the mouth-shield which was pointed out by the corner-man. As Ralph turned for that, he was blown by a punch.


  1. Jimmy Thunder versus Crawford Grimsley (1997)

Jimmy Thunder, the heavyweight boxer from New Zealand and also known as ‘Thunder,’ Peau knocked out Grimsley with just one punch in a fight in Michigan in March 1997. The fight lasted only 13 seconds after the bell when Thunder was declared the winner.


  1. Daniel Jimenez versus Harald Geier (1994)

Daniel Jimenez, the Puerto Rican champion, knocked out Harald Geier in 17 seconds in their WBO title fight in the super bantamweight division in Austria in 1994. He threw only one punch in the bout and sent Geier to the floor to retain his belt.


  1. Chris Eubank versus Reignaldo Dos Santos (1990)

Chris Eubank knocked out Brazilian boxer Reignaldo Dos Santos in just 20 seconds in a fight at the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington, London. Immediately after the bell rang, Eubank landed on Dos Santos with a devastating punch to floor him down.


  1. Bernard Hopkins versus Steve Frank (1996)

Bernard Hopkins started a blitzkrieg of punches and knocked down Steve Frank in 24 seconds. The fight was held at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona in January 1996 when Hopkins floored Frank with a combo of three left-hand and right-hand punches to win.


  1. Mike Tyson versus Marvis Frazier (1986)

Mike Tyson knocked out Marvis Frazier, the son of Joe Frazier in 30 seconds in a fight at the Glens Falls Civic Center, New York on July 26, 1986. Tyson landed on his opponent early, hurling a series of punches making Frazier unconscious. This fight reminds me every time I play the game “Real Boxing 2” on my smartphone.


  1. Pongsaklek Wonjongkam versus Daisuke Naito (2002)

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam knocked out his rival, the Japanese boxer, Daisuke Naito in 34 seconds. The fight was held in Khon Kaen, Thailand in April 2002. As Naito attempted to attack Pongsaklek like a bull, he threw an accurate, hard punch that floored Naito.


  1. Naseem Hamed versus Said Lawal (1996)

The WBO world featherweight titleholder Naseem Hamed sent his rival Said Lawal to the floor twice with devastating punches to win is defending bout in March 1996 in Glasgow. The bout lasted only 35 seconds after the bell when Naseem was declared the winner.

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