One of the most critical and challenging choices a company owner or decision-maker must make is whom to employ. It’s difficult to find skilled applicants that you can trust to do a good job, contribute to the company’s growth, and stay on for the long haul.
It takes time to recruit and it can be costly to employ someone who does not work. They must be a good match for both the work requirements and the culture of your business. You may even believe you’ve exhausted all recruiting options.
Find out a list of 10 recruitment tips to assist you in attracting top talent to your business. Sometimes when it comes to recruiting, you just have to think beyond common knowledge. Continue reading for more info on how to hire cool people with the help of agencies recruiting for Dubai.

1. Request referrals from current employees

Referrals will save hiring managers and recruiters a lot of time when it comes to finding eligible applicants. Why not ask your trusted employees for referrals if they perform well, have a good track record, and are satisfied with your company? After all, it says a lot about a candidate if one of the existing workers will speak highly of another. Furthermore, they will be a strong advocate for your company and will have a greater understanding of the type of person who will be a good match for the role.
Consider introducing a good referral policy if there is not one already in your organization. Employee satisfaction and productivity can also be improved through hiring referrals. Spread the word among your relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances to fill the role faster.

2. Examine previous candidates

Do you have any past applicants who didn’t cut the first time around? Maybe the timing wasn’t perfect, or they weren’t quite the right match. They could be more appropriate for your current role, or new knowledge and skills could have been gained from your last interview.
If you’re recruiting for the same or a similar role, take another look at the previous candidate’s resumé and contact them if you still think there are interest and potential. You can also take help from Dubai hiring agency Philippines to get in touch with past candidates.

3. Participate in the interview process with your colleagues

Who better evaluate a potential candidate than a current or former employee in a similar position? Peer interviews are a crucial component of any recruitment plan so the candidate knows what knowledge, experience, and attitude are required to succeed in the position. They’ll be able to tell you if the applicant is a good match for the job and the team’s culture.
The current employee will also provide a good picture of what the position entails on a day-to-day basis and set goals for the applicant.

4. Use job boards and career pages that are important to you

Alliance Recruitment Agency may use a variety of career boards to expand their recruiting pool. Most are generic and apply to a wide range of workers, places, and industries. There are also specific industry-specific job pages.
Resumes from a wide pool of applicants with a variety of backgrounds and experiences are available on these websites. They usually have reasonable pricing and the ability to advertise your open role to draw top talent and fill it quickly.

5. Maximize your social media platforms

The scope of social media sites is the most important factor to remember. Managers and workers will post job openings on their social media accounts, and word gets out. You never know when you could be introduced to a great candidate!
Furthermore, if your company is involved on social media and posts content such as photographs and videos of your staff and work environment, applicants will get a sense of your company culture. This helps them decide whether they can end up choosing your company.

6. Participate in networking gatherings and parties

While online tools have made the recruiting process much simpler, nothing beats face-to-face networking. These are excellent opportunities to meet new highly qualified and enthusiastic practitioners.
Regardless of whether you have a current opening or not, contacts can be made using these network gatherings. Agencies recruiting for Dubai can also help in participating in such events.

7. Partner with colleges and universities

Initiatives for career development in which universities and colleges cooperate with companies to assist students to find new opportunities are common. Ambitious college students can take part in several roles, from internships to permanent full-time positions.
Hiring managers should set up a booth at university career fairs and inform students about their organization. You can also contact the colleges to reach the next level, who will join the workforce if these positions are available. Companies may also advertise work vacancies in campus newspapers or on the college’s website in some instances.

8. Utilize an applicant tracking system

An applicant tracking system could be a more effective method for recruiting workers in larger businesses who are evaluating a large number of resumes and filling a large number of vacancies. By building an applicant database, this program streamlines the hiring process. It then allows you to send bulk messages to candidates, rank and organize them, and keep track of their records.
An applicant screening tool is included in an applicant tracking system, and it helps you to screen potential workers for information such as their experience, qualifications, and personal information.

9. Conduct pre-employment testing

Many employers use pre-employment testing as part of their recruitment plan. It enables them to put applicants through tests to see if they are a good match for particular job positions. You can also take help from Dubai hiring agency Philippines to conduct Pre-employment tests. These tests can help you determine whether a candidate has the skills, experience, and personal characteristics needed for the job.

10. Create a friendly and pleasant culture at work.

Candidates today are looking for a cultural match just as much as they are for decent work and a good wage. This should therefore be an important part of your plan for recruitment. Create a healthy work atmosphere for workers and demonstrate that you are concerned with their work-life balance.


If you believe it is missing or that you do not have a strong plan in place, it might be time to put some of these recruiting tips into action. A Dubai hiring agency Philippines will assist you in putting those processes in place as well as teaching you how to find the best candidates for each role!

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. 




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