Top 4 SEO Tactics That Gives Customer Experience Optimization to Your Online Store

To increase the customer optimization on your online store, not as much as it sounds. It’s a huge task of spending a lot of time dealing with the strategies that are capable of attracting more customers to your online store.

SEO goes hand in hand when it comes to increasing the experience of your user on the online store. In the beginning, it might impose a pretty much daunting task for you to ensure a balanced SEO on your site. However, you can do it with a breeze if you know how to apply the proper tactics. Here is SEO Consultant Perth approved SEO tactics that enable you to elevate the satisfaction of your customer to your online store. Have a look:

  1. Make sure that the contents present on all the pages of your online store are updated:

To stand out significantly with your SEO tactics, you need to make sure that your content in the online store is properly updated, and unique. For Google, your content must have enough value to draw must customers to your online store.

However, there are numerous URLs due to the various categories and variations of the product, which is confusing enough to deal with. Not only the proper description and keyword placement of the products are necessary, but also you have to make sure that you are considering the proper care for both the product filters and internal search research of your product to get a better rank on Google indexing.

To accomplish this properly include a canonical tag to the product variation pages. At the same time, you need to opt for the placement of a “noindex” tag in the pages for those you don’t want to show off. At the same time, it is important to block all the variations in your robots.txt file.

  1. Improve your store loading to make it quick:

Page speed plays a crucial factor in drawing the interest of your customer.  It can also break your store’s ranking if it is not done in the proper way.  The users are not going to spend more than 3-4 seconds, for the loading of your online store page. If it takes more than 5-7 seconds, then there are high possibilities to lose a good amount of potential customers.

At the same time, site speed plays as one of the official factors in Google. The best way for making your site have the proper speed is to run your tool through Google’s PageSpeed Insights to access the performance of your site. The tool is going to give your proper suggestions on how to optimize your online store properly.

  1. Never forget to pay special attention to Keyword placement:

The customer always looks for an online store that is capable of giving them an optimized experience with smooth operating every time. Whether it is finding your store or to the fast loading of your store with valued contents, SEO is the most important matter to look at.  And the keyword placement with a relevant and valuable set of words gets more value.

Google’s search engine is going to rank the page at the top of your SEO game is right. With the improved ranking through the SEO through keywords it becomes easier for the customers to find you, and at the same time gives your customers the information that you are capable of giving them the right solution.

  1. Improve the mobile experience of your store: 

Most of the online shopping is either done from a mobile or tablet. People love to shop quickly either they are on the move, or they are leisurely scrolling their mobile screen. The best practice for improving the appearance and functionalities of your online store, thus impressively improves your user experience.

Opt for a responsive design so that your customer can easily find you. At the same time, mobile page speed plays an important factor in official ranking, which needs to be considered properly. Opt for an easy to navigate online store with an efficient user interface.


Practising the proper tactics, thus going to help you out in various ways, to opt for a significant appearance in front of your customers. Never forget to balance the SEO for your online store as it builds the base for the uplifting of your user experience optimization.

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