Top 4 Ways To Increase Instagram Followers Through Your Brand Strategy

Increase Instagram Followers

Whether you’re handling your Instagram account as a medium for your business or are wanting to promote yourself as a brand, a good brand strategy is what will get you good results. That’s because a good brand strategy will boost Instagram followers and get you those views and clicks you so genie-in-a-bottle desire. 

1. Brand Positioning 

You may know this by its other name, “market positioning”. According to social media marketing experts, one can picture brand positioning as a “space” in your target market’s mind that you want to be filled by your brand and business. 

It has to do with what you want them to see in your enterprise that makes it different from its competition, as well as the actual value you believe your products and/or services contain. 

Brand positioning speaks of what you’d like your customers to think of in terms of justifying the price of your products and/or services. It also tells of possible benefits they can get from what they purchase, whether that be an idea or a tangible product. 

2. Brand Positioning Statement 

In about 3 to 5 sentences, summarize what your business is, and what it does. Describe your products/service’s advantages (or what can be expected of them). and who they’re for (target audience). Mention what makes your brand distinct from the rest, and what your approach is in delivering these claims. 

Although this is your chance to write something aspirational (business “mission”), always keep the points rooted in reality. They are to be achievable through practical and real steps. No “poetic romanticizing” here. Just a simple rundown through SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely).

3. Brand Messaging Strategy 

From your brand positioning statement/s, create your brand messaging strategy next. Unlike the first, this should be tailored as a direct message to your clients and potential clients, influencers, and potential investors/ business partners. 

The “core message” to remain consistent for all of the above. In parallel to this, customize said messages according to each audience, since each group will most likely have different concerns regarding your enterprise and products. 

4. Brand Content Marketing Strategy And Account Growth

Contrary to what most Instagram users and business entrepreneurs assume, Marketing Strategy is NOT a synonym of “Content Marketing Strategy”. The latter specifically revolves around your online material. In other words, the material you post on your Instagram account (and other accounts on social media platforms and online channels).

Your brand’s content should be consistent and informative, yet creative. It’s another category of advertising when you come to think of it. It isn’t an ad per se, but its purpose is to cultivate and strengthen brand awareness. 

You can partner with an Instagram growth agency to assist you in backend research and strategy implementation (keyword research, posting frequency, traffic and response tracking, etc.). This, plus spot-on engaging content (photos, videos, blogs, social media posts, etc.) are a recipe for success.

Be mindful of the “language” and “tone” you’ll use in your content. They should mirror that of your target audience and should be invariable regardless of the type of content you release.

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