Top 5 Reptiles for kids

Kids love dinosaurs and that fondness often spills over into a love of reptiles. As a whole, reptiles make great pets for children and provide a lower-stakes way of teaching them about responsibility. But just as certain dog breeds have their own tendencies to the smart, aggressive, or playful, certain reptile species are better suited to children than others. Here’s a round-up of the top 5 reptiles for kids, all of these picks were chosen for their temperament, tolerance of handling, as well as being non-aggressive.


These slow-going gentle giants can quite literally grow up with your children. The average life span of a pet tortoise can range from 50 years and higher. Your child will have a life-long companion and an opportunity to bond with a pet that no other animal species can come close to. Tortoises also have above-average intelligence compared to other reptiles, making them prone to affectionate behavior such as following them around or getting excited to see certain people – just like a hard-shelled puppy.

Leopard Gecko

These cute, speckled lizards are another kid-friendly reptile pet option. Relatively low-maintenance, leopard geckos are simple to care for and easy enough that and small enough that they won’t take up much space in a child’s room. Lizards tend to be more active than other types of reptiles, making these geckos as eye-catching as they are entertaining. They also have a wonderfully calm temperament, which is important to have in an animal your child will likely want to play with. 

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are the most popular choice of pet lizard for good reason. These intelligent creatures are sweet, calm, and playful; offering the best qualities anyone could want in a pet for a young child. Beardies, as they are nicknamed, also have a great disposition for handling and are a wonderfully interactive reptile. Many have even displayed an affinity for being trained to do tricks, which is something the few – if any – other reptile species can boast. 

Corn Snake

Corn snakes are sweet creatures that are remarkably easy to care for. With an average length of 4 feet, corn snakes are solidly mid-sized and easy to both house and handle. But kids are more likely to get excited about corn snake’s vibrant colors and patterns. Something the parents will like, is the corn snakes are common pets and quite inexpensive to acquire.  

Ball Python

A recurring favorite amongst snake and reptile lovers alike, ball pythons make great pets fr both reptile-beginners and kids. Calm and non-aggressive, these snakes are sure to delight your kids as they curl around hands, wrists, and arms. Ball pythons come in a wide array of colors and patterns which allows your child to pick a pet that truly matches their personality.

Where can I Find Kid-Friendly Reptiles For Sale?

Fortunately, finding these modern-day dinosaurs (and some cool morphs) are easy to acquire. You can find them on online reptile shops that specialize in exotic pets. You can find reptiles for kids, experts, and everyone in between for the best prices. 

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