Top 6 Indoor Plants To Deck Up Your Home

If you are bored of the usual home decor, it’s time to get a refreshing change. Style up your home with lustrous green indoor plants that come in a variety of eye-catchy planters and vases. Give a vivid and lively touch to your home decor with rousing plants. With indoor plant decoration, you will be getting fresh and pure air along with a trendy style of decor. If you are searching for the best indoor plants in Mumbai, here is the list of the beautiful plants that can slay your home decor.

Swiss cheese plant

The swiss cheese plant got this particular name because of the large and lush green leaves. This plant possesses large leaves with notable spaces or holes. They give a stunning makeover to your home decor. They are so easy to grow and maintain as they prefer and need a warmer climate. Keep the plant away from bright and direct sunlight. You can plant them in cute ceramic pots with different styles.

Money Plant

Money plants are the most common indoor plants in India. If you are in Mumbai, you can easily grow a lush green money plant to be quickly grown in any weather condition. These plants with transparent bottle pots tend to give an artistic look to your home or room where it is placed. You can lock your gazes with its attractive heart-shaped leaves. These types of plants are a perfect fit for home decor. They can simply style up your walls or tables in an aesthetic way. Give an attractive makeover to your dull indoor decor. You can find many online nurseries that provide top quality plants. You can buy money plants online Mumbai from various online and reliable nurseries that provide fresh plants.

Peace Lily

Peace lily plants are indeed among the top decor plants in India. The beautiful and mesmerizing white flowers will instantly soothe your mind. They are also a perfect fit for gifting on any occasion. However, you can place a prosperous peace lily plant in your home to level up the style along with fresh air. The flowers of the peace lily plant tend to stream a sweet fragrance that can calm you down effectively and relieve stress levels. These plants no doubt enhance the overall beauty and decor of your home in a natural way. There are many artistic pots and vases are available for such decorative and beneficial plants.

Weeping Fig

The weeping fig plant is a great indoor plant that can raise your home decor style like no other. This plant looks so attractive because of the thin and slight branches that bow out of the trunk. You can keep this plant in your home as a decorative piece, and it will stream you benefits like air purification. These plants are available in online nurseries, and online gifting portals as people nowadays prefer plants as the most classy gift option.

Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo plant symbolises prosperity and happiness along with fortune. They can be grown in a vase of glass that looks super fancy and attractive, which is why people like to place them anywhere in their homes. They add beauty to the overall decor and looks of your home. You can also add colourful pebbles into the glass vase to make them look more attractive. However, you need to place them in bright sunlight from time to time for proper blooming.

Aloe Vera

We know that the aloe vera plant is primarily famous for its medicinal and healing properties. The gel extracted from the leaves of an aloe plant work wonders on skin and hair. However, they are also perfectly suitable to deck up your shelves and cabinets. They are perfect for indoor styling and decoration because they can adequately bloom indoors as a potted one. You can plant tiny aloe vera plants in adorable pots that come in different colours and materials. However, keeping them in white ceramic pots gives an aesthetically pleasing look.

So, here you have the list of the best decorative plants that can enhance the look of your home. You can also gift these pretty plants to your loved ones too.

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