Top 6 Myths People With Diabetes Are Sick Of Hearing

Top 6 Myths People With Diabetes Are Sick Of Hearing

Diabetes, a very common disease every fifth person is suffering from. Globally, more than 422 million people are living with it. Composing life with diabetes seems hectic, as it demands tons of lifestyle changes.

Although diabetes is familiar to every next person, symptoms may vary but a very common thing people hear is that getting rid of sugary things will only help you to come out of diabetes. The best diabetologist in Nagpur helped tons of people to conquer diabetes by clearing half-truths, old myths that are associate with diabetes or prediabetes.

In this article, we will cover some myths and falsehoods attached to diabetes.

1st – Eating Sugar Cause Diabetes

First come first, eating sugar does not become the cause of diabetes, instead consuming sugary products, refined carbs, simple carbs, and starchy foods leads to diabetes. Even other components of sugar and starchy foods are prone to raise blood glucose levels. There are also other factors that are not safe for diabetic patients.

2nd – Diabetes is not a serious disease

Perhaps diabetes has become so common among every age group of people, that it makes people think that it is not such a serious disease. But this statement is incorrect. The World Health Organization estimates that diabetes caused the death of 1.6 million Trusted Source people in 2016.

3rd – Diabetes only affects those who are obese

Obesity and overweight remain the high risk of type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. As per CDC(Centre For Disease Control and prevention), 11% of people in the US are neither Obese nor Overweight.

Moreover, type 1 Diabetes has no association with body weight.

4th – Diabetic people can not eat sugar at all

Diabetic people only need to manage their diet and pay special attention to Carbs intake, which should be a minimum of any other macronutrients.

Tips – “The key to adding sweets in your meal is to have a very small portion and save them for special occasions or functions, so you adjust your meals to healthier foods.”

5th – Diabetes leads to blindness and amputation

Thankfully, this is a myth. While truth says only rare cases lead to blindness or amputation.

6th – Diabetic patient should not drive

Diabetes patients can drive. there are not such any stick complications of driving in diabetic condition. DrVina Bang limits certain complications of diabetes wherein a person’s blood glucose level is too low (hypoglycaemia) and a person’s blood glucose level is too high (hyperglycaemia).

7th – Prediabetes always lead to Diabetes

Prediabetes is a condition prior to Diabetes where blood sugar level goes higher than required but not that much to come into the category of diabetes. However, it is not necessary to bend to diabetes as only some lifestyle changes can turn the tide.


As we have come to an end, we assume these above-shared articles will break all your myths related to diabetes.

If you are struggling with diabetes-related complications, you should book an appointment with the best diabetologist in Nagpur.

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