Top Mistakes That Can Jeopardize Your Personal Injury Court Case

Personal Injury Court Case
Insurance agent regrets to inform victim about refusal to pay compensation

Personal injury lawsuits can be stressful. Plus, if you don’t get everything right, you might end up blowing up your case. That’s why you should avoid making the following common mistakes when executing your personal injury lawsuit.


It’s always important to know that you are constantly under investigation. So, don’t think that nobody is investigating you. According to Geiger Legal Group, LLC, all parties (including your insurer) will investigate you. Thus, you must be careful with the photos as well as videos you share in public. For instance, if you have done something that can make the personal injury worse, just say it. Otherwise, it will be used against you. Be honest. Physical activities captured on camera may be part of the evidence in a court of law.

Don’t Talk About Your Case

Don’t talk to anyone about your case. Leave it to your lawyer. Don’t give unnecessary information regarding your case. Remember, the at-fault driver may hire someone to dig information from you. The same case applies to your insurance company. Before delving into any details, be sure to speak with your lawyer. Otherwise, you will be injuring your case.

Don’t Take the Details to Social Media

Nowadays, social media is highly monitored by lawyers, insurance companies, etc. Thus, don’t jeopardize the case by taking it to social media. Social media platforms are public-facing websites. Attorneys as well as insurance adjusters will quickly investigate anything you post there. Also, don’t think that a privately-set account won’t be investigated. Insurance companies have IT experts who will do everything to fetch anything related to the case from your social account page. This includes pictures and even videos.

Don’t Sign Papers You Don’t Understand

Don’t sign any document. That’s not your responsibility. Consult your lawyer first. Insurance companies can be devious in nature. They can present simple documents. However, these documents may contain fine based details that can waiver your future claims. If you have to sign anything, talk to your lawyer first.

Don’t Ignore Your Physician’s Advice

Medical records are important elements of any personal injury claim. So, be sure to follow all the instructions from your doctor. From attending appointments to subscribing to therapies, following your doctor’s advice will strengthen your case. Thus, it’s important to save all evidence from your doctor. From pill bottles, prescriptions, braces, to casts—these are the pieces of evidence that will strengthen your personal injury case.

Don’t Renew Your Driving License

Don’t renew your driving license before speaking to your lawyer. This is especially important if you have serious injuries. Concerned authorities may investigate your driving license and other related information.

Never Fail To Document the Injuries

 Documenting your injuries can act as evidence. So, don’t fail to document them. Things like surgeries and a car accident scene should be documented. Take videos. Scan medical bill receipts.

The Bottom-Line

If you want the best compensation from your personal injury lawsuit, avoid making the above mistakes. From taking your case to social media to not documenting your injuries, these are the mistakes that can cost your lawsuit. Avoid them and get the right compensation from your personal injury lawsuit.

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