Top Tips to Make Money and Grow Rich Using Instagram in 2020


Today, many entrepreneurs, celebs, and businesses use Instagram to make the most out of its selling potential from vendors to service providers and online storeowners. Many people ask the question as to how to make money on this social media platform. You will need to read this article to get your answer.

If you are wondering whether you can make money on Instagram, the answer is yes. Then, you will need to use some stunning and creative visuals to pique user interest.

According to an article published on, Yoga expert Cat Melfan sold her very first yoga resort or retreat in matter of five days, and all she did was publish a single Instagram post. Then, that is the power of this photo-sharing social media platform. You too can make some cool bucks using Instagram. Here is how:

Be an affiliate and make cash selling other’s products

Did you know that you could sell other’s stuff and receive some cut money on Instagram? You will find numerous people making money through this platform using affiliate programs. When they can do, you can do and succeed too.

The key difference between an affiliate and an influencer is that the latter aims to build awareness while the former is making an effort to create sales for collaborating with a business for some commission.

If you do affiliate marketing, you can pocket some money via a traceable URL or link, or for that matter, a promo code to ensure that you know which of the sales are originating from your posts directly.

You need to create engaging posts on Instagram so that you can market the products without hard selling or being too aggressive. You have a single link on your bio. Therefore, would connect that with the landing page of the affiliate link. Add a caption for every post to inform people that they can purchase items through the link in your Instagram bio.

Initially, it might seem a little challenging, but affiliate marketing is promising if you are serious about it and plan to grow. Improve your online visibility by adding a website or any other social media or marketing channels. You need to research on some stunning post ideas of reputed brands to draw inspiration and implement your tactics. Do not copy ideas directly through, as it will not help you learn anything.

Be an influencer and earn from sponsored posts

When you reach the status of a coveted influencer, you can use your Instagram page to promote all sorts of items from different brands. With so much experience and fan following, you have the skill to persuade the audience to look for trendy items and purchase specific products.

Influencers have the power because they have worked hard and spent much time to develop trustworthy relationships with their targeted audience. Big brands collaborate with influencers to work on sponsored posts to advertise their products. Now, you need to have a huge audience base and your posts with powerful follower engagement to become a successful influencer.

When you start, you can visit brand Instagram profiles to learn about their products as well as view Instagram stories without following them.

The top Instagram influencers make huge money per posts, thousands of dollars to be precise. Then, it calls for much hard work and time to reach this level. It does not happen in a day or two, remember that. It is doable and not impossible, though difficult. If you tread this path, make sure you know what you are going to expect in the days to come.

Sell your tangible products

You are free to sell any tangible products of make or purchase from suppliers through Instagram. This method calls for stocking some products, quite a bit, and you need to shell out some cash, which is called startup capital to purchase products.

You would also require some space to store the items you have bought. It could be your home if you would like to save money and not spend it on paying for storage space. You can also save your hard-earned money if you buy in bulk.

Since July 2020, you can sell your stuff via Instagram right away by setting up an Instagram store. All you need to do is tag the items in your Instagram photos so that your followers can go to your product pages and purchase their preferred products easily.

Sell poster images and digital products

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform and so stunning, jaw-dropping images will sell. It is as simple as that.

If you are an artist or a photographer, you can sell travel photos, sketches, paintings, hand drawings, videos, animations, or any other photo or video-orienteddigitalitems. On every post, request visitorsclick the link in your Instagram bio. It is one of the ways to earn some cash through Instagram.

If you are good at taking outstanding photos, there are opportunities galore that you will receive payment for your creations. If you click photos of spectacular landscapes from around the world, use some image-editing tool to improve these visuals further to pique customer interest. You need to be unique, innovative, creative, and inject some fun or humor while taking shots to grab more audience attention than standard photos on Instagram.

Instagram is the right platform to promote your painting, photography, or artwork portfolio through relevant Instagram hashtags.


Instagram is evolving by the day with enhanced features and opportunities for you to make money. You have a huge audience to reach out to and therefore, should make the most out of this platform to make money. The Instagrammers are the driving force that helps you sell on this social site provided you post the best images of your work and have a powerful portfolio. You can cash in on the photos you click, the paintings you create on canvas or artwork you make. You have the talent and so exploit it through Instagram. It will take some of your time and hard work, but you will succeed if you are serious about it.

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