Travel Fare Aggregation: How to Outsmart the Competition?

Fare Aggregation

Most people are interested in cost-efficient travelling. Finding the cheapest tickets online is their primary concern. Getting a cheap airline ticket allows them to spend more on their destination. The spike in demand for the cheapest tickets possible created a new niche market – travel fare aggregation.

Travel fare aggregator websites enable people worldwide to reduce their travel expenses. One of the technologies that enable it is proxy for travel fare aggregation. But, more about it later. For now, let’s see what travel fare aggregator websites and how they do it.

What Do Travel Fare Aggregator Websites Do?

Let’s say you need to book a flight from New York City to Paris. If you go directly to the airline company you will only be able to see the prices listed by the company. You will have to do this for every airline if you want to find the best deal possible.

In case you want to save on your travel expenses and do it in a time-efficient and hassle-free manner, you will have to go elsewhere to look for cheaper airline tickets. Travel fare aggregator websites offer what you are looking for. These websites allow you to find the most affordable tickets.

In simple words, travel fare aggregator websites are sort of search engines enabling people to find the cheapest airline tickets possible.

How Do They Do It?

What is the magic behind the fare aggregator websites? How do they do it? The answer might be simpler than you’ve imagined. They scan all kinds of online resources, extract the ticket prices, and availability, and use the data to return search results to travellers.

What sources do fare aggregator websites scan? They extract the information on ticket prices and availability from airline companies, travel agencies, hotels, and other aggregates. They compile, or if you prefer aggregate all of this information in one place thus making it convenient for people to find the cheapest tickets.

What Tools Do They Use?

Travel fare aggregation websites use the same technologies as other websites. But there are a couple of technologies behind the travel fare aggregator website front. The two most important ones are web or data scraping and proxy for travel fare aggregation.

Web or data scraping is a process of extracting data from online resources. Travel fare aggregator websites use data scraping services to be able to get hold of accurate and up-to-date information regarding ticket prices and availability. This process is executed via bots – highly specialized software able to find target data, extract it, and send it back to storage.

Proxy for travel fare aggregation is used to mask the true IP address and to ensure that data scraping operation continues without hitting a wall. Proxies play a vital role here, here’s a bit more information on them to help you understand why.

Why Are Proxies So Important to Them?

Travel fare aggregator websites have to use proxies. Without them, it would be impossible to have such a big scope data scraping operation. Don’t forget to get the data on ticket prices and availability, travel fare aggregator websites have to go through many travel agencies, airline companies, and hotels websites, often many times a day.

All of these websites have protections in place to keep bots at bay. They do it because too much traffic can slow down the browsing speed and affect the experience of people using their websites. Without a proxy, these websites can easily identify bots and blacklist or ban the IP address bots are operating from.

Proxies for travel fare aggregation help these companies hide their IP address, and change it if need be, to avoid detection and continue with data scraping practices.

What Are the Best Types of Proxies for Travel Fare Aggregation Companies?

The best type of proxy for travel fare aggregation companies is the one that ensures high success rates and good speed. Since most of the target websites have one or more anti-scraping safety measures, residential proxies offer a safe choice. They enable scraping bots to appear as human agents without raising any red flags. Check out the Oxylabs website to get more information about a suitable type of proxy for travel fare aggregation.

The other solid option when it comes to proxies for travel fare aggregator websites is rotating proxy. These proxies have access to a huge pool of IP addresses. They enable scraping bots to use a different IP address every time they send requests to a target website. Rotating proxies are a great option for aggregation websites that run a large scale and ongoing data scraping operation.


Data scraping and proxies are what lies behind the convenience travel fare aggregator websites offer to travellers around the world. Thanks to these two technologies, travel fare aggregator websites can extract ticket prices and availability from hundreds of resources in a time-efficient manner to deliver the cheapest ticket options to users.

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