Traveling to the Seychelles with Children

The Seychelles are a fantastic vacation destination for both adults and children of all ages. There are no required immunizations, and deadly diseases and animals, as well as weather disasters, are not present because the Seychelles are located outside of the hurricane belt, which protects them from severe hurricanes. 

All of these things combine to make this tropical paradise a safe and enjoyable vacation for families and the ideal location for the best hotels in Seychelles for a honeymoon.

The time difference from Central European summertime is only two hours, meaning that neither parents nor children will suffer from jet lag. The Seychelles have a tropical mild climate with daily temperatures of roughly 30 °C (86 °F) and few temperature changes due to the country’s proximity to the equator. As a result, the weather is ideal for family vacations all year. 

However, like with most warm nations, the sun in the Seychelles is exceptionally intense, necessitating extra caution. This is especially true for youngsters, but adults should also wear a helmet and use high-factor sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun. Many of the beaches and resorts in Seychelles have little shade and those that do soon fill up. 

Beaches should be avoided in the middle of the day if you have children, and instead should be visited early or late in the afternoon. Not only is the heat less intense during these times, but the popular beaches are also less crowded, allowing you to relax with your kids.

The sand is clean and powdery-soft, making it ideal for beach play. An offshore reef protects several of the Seychelles’ bays from the open ocean while also guaranteeing shallow water depth for children. The water level is sometimes so low, especially during low tide, that adults cannot swim, although youngsters may surely paddle around in the shallows. They should, however, never be left unattended. Parents should also keep their children away from coconut trees since falling coconuts can be quite deadly.

Family-Friendly Accommodation 

There are a variety of lodging options and the best all-inclusive offers in Seychelles, many of which are suited for families with children. There is something for everyone, from family-friendly resorts and hotels to genuine guesthouses and self-catering accommodations. Many of these alternatives aren’t specifically designed for kids, so there aren’t any kid-friendly pools or clubs, but family bookings with kids are nevertheless common. 

Families will benefit from the larger hotels and resorts, which are better fitted for them and provide additional amenities. It’s vital to remember that some accommodations only accept children who are at least a specific age. 

Anyone traveling with a baby should book their journey early in advance to ensure a seat on the plane with an infant bed; many airlines only have one or two of these seats on each flight, and they fill up quickly.

Example of a Child-Friendly Hotel is the Story Seychelles in Mahe, Seychelles

Spend a few amazing days at this stylishly built hotel, which was only opened in 2015 and blends comfort and tradition to bring you closer to the Creole way of life on one of the most attractive portions of the gorgeous Beau Vallon beach. The sophisticated living arrangements of the suites and villas, as well as the gorgeous surroundings of the hotel, all contribute to the fantastic holiday environment here. 

The semi-circular arrangement of buildings’ architectural style merges in wonderfully with the surroundings, which include lovely grass and tall palm trees, as well as a variety of other tropical greeneries. The swimming pool, with its surrounding terrace, is the focal point of the garden estate; relax on one of the sun loungers and take in the scenery. Bring a good book or just relax and enjoy a refreshing drink!

The hotel’s 100 beautifully constructed suites, villas, and grand villas provide a distinctive, contemporary setting for your vacation, with private balconies and terraces, indoor and outdoor beds for a pleasant stay, a huge LED television, and free WiFi. The 54-square-meter suites are big and have a lovely reserved position. 

rough a combination of elegant wooden flooring, cozy furnishings, and pleasant colors, their interiors reflect the Seychelles’ natural flair. The apartments are situated in the sprawling garden complex, while the villas are close to the beach. 

These tranquil villas range in size from 167 to 247 square meters and include amenities such as a private pool and sun deck, a warm cabana with direct beach access, an outdoor shower, an espresso machine, and a butler service.

Honeymooners and families will love Story Seychelles resort. Families will be accommodated near the hotel’s wide facilities (subject to availability), while honeymooners will be accommodated in one of the rooms on the estate’s left side, closer to the beach and with an extraordinary sense of privacy.

Children’s Activities in the Seychelles 

The majority of the things that you may do on your own in the Seychelles can also be done with children. Beach walks, swimming and bathing in the warm Indian Ocean, and boat visits to smaller, secluded islands are just a few examples. A variety of more manageable walks are also available, which are ideal for families. 

It should be emphasized, however, that some trips, particularly those that are longer, are not appropriate for families with children. Because there are no ‘official’ paths, the routes can take you over rocks and through the bush. Baby strollers and carriers are not permitted. These pathways are not suggested for youngsters since they might be quite dangerous.

Thankfully, there are alternatives, such as a visit to Victoria, the small capital on Mahé’s main island, which is ideal for a half-day vacation. Visitors can experience the underwater world of the Seychelles with a glass-bottomed boat at Beau Vallon beach, the most famous and busiest beach in the Seychelles, which eliminates the need for snorkeling equipment and is a perfect alternative for youngsters. 

Children can learn about the flora and fauna of the Seychelles in a number of national parks in the Seychelles, including the Vallée de Mai, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Families living on Praslin can also take a boat journey to Curieuse Island to visit the gigantic tortoises, which are a big hit with both parents and kids.

For a family-friendly vacation, call the Story Seychelles now and look forward to a memorable holiday with your kids.

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