Two muses one picture; an Amazing piece of art

Two muses one picture

Muse can be defined as a source of thinking, love, or affection and a goddess of ancient times. A piece of art or a spirit who inspires an artist and artist expresses his thoughts upon it. “Two muses One Picture” is a piece of art by famous prisoner Artist “Donald “C-Note” Hooker. He is commonly known as C-Note. The piece of art C-note was named as Adriana W. Adriana W was the news reporter who interviewed the artist. The painting depicts the picture of an actress who played a part in a Madison Avenue ad campaign of perfume.

C-Note took the model from a magazine having the picture of an actress, and the piece of art was named on the name of a news reporter. The news reporter was interviewing the artist. He explained the piece of art, by Donald “C-Note” Hooker when you are referencing the world’s most prolific prisoner-artist.

The interview was published in the London Daily post. The painting also gave fame to the news reporter who did the interview. It was an honour for the reporter that a great prisoner artist named his piece of art on the name of the reporter.


Thoughts of the artist on his piece of art

When the news reported interviewed the artist about his piece of art, C-Note (the Artist) said:

“It was a very challenging piece,” says C-note. “How does someone create likeness without using flesh colours? If this was done monochromatically in graphite or black ink there’s no problem. I love this piece. I think I did a good job considering this was a one-take piece. The colour scheme and placement were all done on the fly”. Donald “C-Note” Hooker when you are referencing the world’s most prolific prisoner-artist, in the interview.

The artist was happy with his work and he wanted to create such mater pieces again. Art is not a profession, it is a passion. If someone is passionate about his interest and passion, he can create amazing art pieces as C-Note did.

The prisoner artist Donald “C-Note” Hooker, when talked about his piece of art, it looked like he did the best job ever.


The colours of art

The colours used in the piece of art “Adriana W”, Blue, red, green, pink, purple, black ink pen on paper. Adriana W. The artist blended these colours so artistically that they looked like an amazing blend of colours.



The dimensions of the art piece are “5.5 in. x 8.5in. (14×21.6 cm)”. It was created in 2016. To see a link to the full image, Adriana W. Drawing by Donald C-Note Hooker


Two muses one picture

The piece of art Adriana W. is the name of an amazing piece of art that depicts the beauty and colours. How art can express thoughts, it can be seen in the picture. Artists can better read the back story of the picture. Artists can understand the colours and colour blends on the piece of paper. In short, only the prisoner-artist like C-Note could create such an art piece named “Adriana W”.

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