Understanding the roles of IT security and Cybersecurity

Understanding the roles of IT security and Cybersecurity

As the internet deeply meshes with our lives, we cannot think about living without it. Technology has infiltrated so much deep into our lives that we have become highly sensitive to data protection and privacy that are the tenets of any IT system, whether used by individuals or companies. In this context, you must adequately understand the topics of IT security and Cybersecurity in the right perspective to make well-informed decisions that ensure complete protection to whatever data you might be handling at the personal or enterprise level.

It is essential to have some data security plan in place before you start accumulating and sharing data. Most commonly, we talk about IT security and cybersecurity, often in the same breath, which feels that both are the same. However, in reality, these are quite different. Before you develop any security strategy, you must have a clear idea about IT Security vs Cybersecurity so that you can develop the most appropriate plan for securing data.

IT security systems

IT security is never applicable for individual users who use the internet for recreational or other personal reasons without any commercial intent.  Companies use IT systems for conducting their businesses.  It consists of an elaborate infrastructure that provides a platform for carrying out the business operations by storing, processing, and sharing various business related data.   Protecting business data is the top priority for any business size. The way to do it is by designing a robust security system that remains impregnable to any cyber attacks, hacking, and data breaches.

IT security consists of developing systems and processes that ensure complete data protection. Companies store massive data related to the business processes and customers, vendors, contractors, service providers, and other stakeholders, which they must protect with utmost care while maintaining enough business transparency.

IT security aims to prevent theft, unauthorized access, misuse, and modification of data, and its scope includes providing adequate protection when using the internet for processing or sharing data. And this is where cybersecurity comes into play.

Cybersecurity explained

It will not be wrong to say that cybersecurity is a subset of IT security. Cybersecurity aims to offer protection from threats that emanate from the internet, like cyber-attacks, which can cripple business operations and even lead to data theft. For a complete security solution, companies must deploy both IT security and cybersecurity that create a safety net around all data and keep systems protected from breaches and hacking.

Although cybersecurity protects online data transmission, it overlaps in many areas of the company’s operations. A typical example is the email system’s protection, which remains vulnerable to data leakage and protecting users from phishing attacks that can lure them to sharing data with unauthorized entities. If you want to learn more about cybersecurity and online data transmission, you can check out PacGenesis.

The most effective security systems consist of an integrated IT and cybersecurity package that can take care of any security threats from the internet or otherwise. So select the best provider that meets your requirements to get the best service for your investment.

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