5 Unexpected Employee Performance Management Trends to Watch For In 2020

2020 is already here and everybody is talking about new trends. But when it comes to performance management, the so-called trends have a more significant impact. New ideas come and the best ones get to leave their mark on history. For example, the complex idea of a performance management system has now become an objective of every successful business. This year, there are some new trends that we were expecting to happen, and some other trends that came out of nowhere. Here, we will talk about 5 of those unexpected trends that every business and company should watch for in 2020.

1. More Freelancers

More than 34% of the US people that are working are freelancers. Businesses love getting freelancer service as they can hire a skilled employee in a short amount of time and for a temporary job. Also, the cost of hiring a freelancer is significantly lower. From the perspective of freelancers, they like the fact of how technological improvement has made it easier to get jobs. As a result, more and more people are choosing freelancing.

Freelancing also helps to improve one’s skill as there is a massive amount of competition and without good performance, it is impossible to succeed. So, as far as the performance management system goes, freelancers will dominate the market with their excellent skills and fast work. And with the development of freelancing platforms, it has become very easy to determine one’s skill and experience. As a result, a person will be able to easily hire a freelancer according to their skill-set just by the review of previous customers.

2. Mobile access

Mobile is taking over. Why? It is easy to carry. And with more development of technology, small mobile phones are becoming like a portable computer. The performance management system will be revolving around this small device as more employers and employees will use mobile phones to enhance their abilities. More than 62% of employees claim that they will be able to more productive if they can access the data of the project and team through mobile phones. Also, more than 45% of employees claim that using a mobile phone reduces the time needed for finishing a task as they can easily get the information and work in any situation.

Employers can also get benefit from this fact as no matter where they are, they can see the situation of every project and how their team is handling it. Mobile apps are easy to control and access. That is why, in 2020, we will see smart business moving their performance management system to mobile phones. By using this, they are able to ensure smooth and quality performance and also the satisfaction of employees (it is important no matter how you see it).

3. More Gen-Z

Till 2019, millennials have ruled over job fields. But in 2020, we will see newer faces with better ideas. There should be no debate about it that the newer generation has better skills and ideas that have been a result of technological and social development. Gen-Z people are already in the process of taking over freelancing platforms and employers do like new blood working for them.

Gen-Z employees are handy with technology, marketing, and many other digital aspects of a business. That is why they are getting more and more competitive. Not all the time companies looking for experienced people. Sometimes they want youngsters who have the ability to do great things.

4. Transparency

Honesty and transparency have been one of the key factors in a performance management system. The honesty of the employer is very important and those who are being truthful to their employees will see better performance on their team and it will result in the overall development of the company. Some companies are not okay revealing the earning and the payment ratio to their employees. Some maintain a little bit of transparency by letting employees see future plans and ideas.

No matter the business, the employees will require you to be more transparent and honest. There is no exception as the young people are not afraid of jumping from job to job. You can start this process by letting your employees have a transparent project where they can figure out each detail clearly.

5. Remote working

Remote working is a thing and all thanks to technology. Millions of people are already practicing this by utilizing many technologies like HR Software. Remote working is significantly increasing in 2020 and there would be a change in the mind-set of employers as they will understand the importance of it and have at least one remote worker in their team.

Tips to implement these changes correctly – We suggest for not blindly following every trend and choosing only those that can be perfect for your business. Trends will come and go but the best decision is to find an idea that is good for you and your employees.

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