Various Styles of Jamdani Sarees You Can Buy Online

Various Styles of Jamdani Sarees You Can Buy Online
Various Styles of Jamdani Sarees You Can Buy Online

An Indian lady’s closet appears incomplete in the absence of a traditional saree. Each region boasts of a master drape reflective of its rich history. The state of Bengal has a flourishing saree industry with ‘jamdani’ being its most famous export. This delicate muslin textile, hand-woven from cotton, has its origins in Bangladesh. 

The term ‘jamdani’ originates from Persia, where ‘jam’ means flower and ‘dani’ refers to a vase. Owing to the form of weaving, which combines ancient Hindu traditions with Mughal patronage, the finished product has a mystical charm. 

You will notice that the jamdani saree online is characterized by intricate artistic motifs that appear on an almost transparent fabric.

An ethnic drape like the jamdani can be worn at religious ceremonies, weddings, family functions, or any social occasion. Their intricate motifs reflect Bengali culture, where the pallu acts like a canvas to represent village life or depict a well-known tale pictorially. What sets these sarees apart are their appealing features, which include:

  • Display of unique motifs
  • Available in vibrant shades
  • Hand-woven textile makes the fabric a comfortable wear
  • Comes in attractive yet subtle color combinations

What’s In the Jamdani Weaves?

Getting the jamdani weaving technique right on a brocade loom involves remarkable skill. Given that the saree pattern is not outlined on the fabric and instead sketched on a translucent paper, it is more challenging to perfect. 

Producing one such saree covered in rich motifs and vibrant patterns is a time-consuming process that takes a month to one year to finish.

Original jamdani sarees weaved in fine and pure cotton have a light, soft, and expensive fabric. Today you get evolved versions with a blend of silk and cotton and sometimes pure silk replacing the genuine cotton weaves. Silver and gold-colored yarns are used to produce contemporary designs with a glossier finish. 

These add a stylish touch to the traditional jamdani and an appealing look. This versatile fabric boasts of varied patterns and designs. Multicolored paisley and flower motifs are commonly seen with a thick outer border representing a classic design. 

The understated prints are ideal for office wear, while the ultra-luxurious textured drapes can be worn to weddings and on similar special occasions. 

Indian artisans are continually experimenting with creating jamdanis using attractive contrasting colors. Classic shades of beige, cream, and white are giving way to bolder hues to meet modern-day saree enthusiasts’ demands. 

Contemporary abstract designs, geometric shapes, stylized flowers, and animals are eye-catching variations. Similarly, tie and dye borders lend a colorful vibe to jamdani sarees.

A reputed online retailer is from where you can confidently source quality and modern drapes in artistic designs that reflect supreme craftsmanship. You can buy a Jamdani saree online at pragmatic prices from across the globe. They come in the following styles:

Dhakai Jamdani 

This variety originating in Dhaka, Bangladesh, uses elaborate craft to produce the most delicate drapes. These masterpieces take almost a year to weave by hand. Experienced weavers go to great lengths to make each piece stand out with rich detailing.

Tangail Jamdani

The Tangail district in Bangladesh produces typical sarees featuring beautiful and broad motifs. From floral lotus motifs to fish scale designs and lamps, they reflect the style akin to this region. 

Shantipur Jamdani

Shantipur sarees get their name from the district in West Bengal, where they are manufactured. Their elegant striped motifs and fine texture are their identifiable features. These attributes set them apart from their Tangail counterparts despite the presence of broad designs and prominent motifs.

Dhaniakhali Jamdani

Made in the Dhaniakhali district of West Bengal, these sarees are easy to spot because of their use of contrastingly bold colors across the border and the inside. They also have a tighter weave as opposed to the Shantipur and Tangail styles.

Modern Forms

When the weavings match the base fabric color, you end up with a self-colored saree that lends an ethereal look. 

For a playful take, sometimes the inner and outer halves of the same saree reflect complementary colors. This half-n-half style is also becoming a modern trend.

Listed here are a few tips to help you identify an authentic jamdani saree:

  • Since it is made from high-quality muslin, these sarees are thin, airy, and soft to the touch
  • Eye-catching ornamental motifs appearing on the surface of the light fabric are woven using thicker thread
  • Floral motifs like lotus, diamond shapes, paisley, fish, and lamp patterns are the biggest giveaway
  • The starting price of a genuine product is INR 2500

Considering jamdani sarees are a steep investment, source yours from a trustworthy online retailer who offers a hassle-free shopping experience.

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