Video surveillance background and importance

This time we have decided to tell you a little about the background of video surveillance. We all know the need for security systems to protect us today, but very few of us know how it arose or how it evolved to become a vital part of companies, homes, hotels, and government.

The advantages of video surveillance cameras are many since they are an excellent instrument to protect any place from possible intruders, in addition to having the possibility of seeing in real-time what is happening in a business or premises, and you also have the option of having valuable recording material in the event of a theft. That is why we wanted to share with you how it became this great tool.

How did video surveillance come about?

As well as many technologies that exist and that we all use on a daily basis, the camera as a means of protection (in the cinema it was in 1880), began to be used in the army as a security element for military preparation. It should be noted that many modern inventions and everyday applications have their origins in military applications. This is a common phenomenon.

“The first documented use of CCTV was in 1942 by the German army.” They were very basic black and white systems and were used for observing missile tests in preparation for long-distance military attacks.

In its beginnings, video surveillance required a closed circuit that had to be continuously supervised by a human to function, with the creation of videotapes, this process would be made easier thanks to the possibility of recording what happened in the cameras. . In the ’60s, video surveillance became more common since in this decade the cameras were located in strategic places in public places.

Little by little companies, banks, schools, and businesses saw it as an extraordinary means of protection and began to use this technology. Along with its introduction to the lives of ordinary citizens, technological advances also did it and improvements were happening: the cameras were getting smaller, and with better definition, as well as the quadrant generators, to see different cameras on the same monitor, recordings on digital discs, and so on.

Thirty years later, video surveillance had a new birth thanks to the Internet since cameras can be connected to a network without the need for a switch, and now you can access it from different devices.

Video surveillance is a tool that has made the issue of security too easy, so many businesses, homes, and different governments see it as an excellent investment for their protection. Video surveillance systems may not be able to completely prevent criminal acts, but at least they can minimize their potential. There are many instances of criminals abandoning their action after they realized they were being watched by surveillance cameras.

Video surveillance is part of global security. There were many people who were helped by his presence. There are also many resolved criminal cases. Whether you are an individual looking to protect your family or a company leader looking to ensure the safety of your work environment, a video surveillance system is a must. If you are going to install it, it is highly recommended that you choose a local service as they can help you quickly in the event of a technical problem. For example, if you live in Orlando, dealing with the HDcamerasUSA security cameras installation Orlando is a wise decision. In the end, I hope this short article can provide a valuable perspective for you. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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